How do I make 400m Quickly

Hi, I was wondering if there was a fast way to make 300m as I really love the Praxis Battleship but I don’t have anywhere near enough isk to buy it let alone fit it well.

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It’s sounds like you’re trying to flyo a ship you can’t afford to lose.

Anyway, there’s ways to make the money besides mining, but it requires training for another career (plus varying amount of player skill). Still, if you’re looking for a a good career, look into flying incursions with Warp To Me. They’re newbro friendly, and make about 125mil isk/hr. You’ll need to train for and buy as starter battleship, but the skills required are quite useful to have and a starter BS should only run you about 150mil (iirc). So, it would be easier for you to put that money together from mining.

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Sadly, I don’t have 150mil

Here, check out this guy’s channel. He shows how to use cheap ships to run various exploration sites. He has a bunch of stuff, so I’ll let you decide what interests you.


As a general rule of thumb, in Eve you need isk in order to make isk.

For example, if I need 500m quickly I’d run a core garrison in my c5 wormhole, this earns me 500m in about 40 minutes. Of course, the setup I use to do this is worth several billion and if someone catches me running sites, I run the risk of losing a lot.

So unless you’re willing to credit card your way up, this enforces a kind of progression in PvE. You start out with small and cheap ships, earn a bit, get better ships, earn a bit more, get even better ships, etc… In my experience, this goes at roughly the same rate as training for said ships.

One of the few exceptions to the “need isk to make isk” rule is exploration, as Shipwreck Jones explained above. A t1 frigate worth a few mil in null sec or low class wormholes can earn a lot very quickly.

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As your skills and knowledge improve, so will your income. Purchasing a battleship as a 2 week old player is apt to go horribly wrong since you don’t have the experience to run level 4 missions and battleships are a poor choice for lower level content - big weapons can’t track small targets.

Setting goals is important but don’t look too far ahead. Ships like the tactical destroyers can be trained in a few weeks, are a lot less expensive and a lot more fun to fly.

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My first Battleship was a gift from CCP, a Megathron. I didn’t skill large guns yet, but was eager to try the power of the ship.
Rats shot it down, it was a tough experience.
Later I’ve built my first Dominix by myself, after mining all the needed ores by myself. It still exists, it’s in use for Lvl3 and 4 missions. I’m quite happy that I did my mistakes with a ship I didn’t spend much ISK or effort.
So if 200m ISK are a matter of a day or two, a BS is no problem at all. If you have no idea how to get that much money, don’t fly a BS. In that phase, I had much fun with a Myrmidon, btw. Try a Drake, if you prefer Missiles and Caldari.

And indeed, the quickest way to get hundreds of Millions of ISK ist selling PLEX, which can be bought with real money.

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