What is the best way to generate isk?

Isk, isk, isk.

buy plex and sell it ingame


At least it’s a question now :wink:

Yep, $ → Plex → ISK is the fastest way indeed.
Unfortunately for new players, what they consider “much” is growing every month they play. With skills and experience the ways to earn many ISKs open to you automatically.

So the BEST way is to wait, skill, and learn.

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Yes but I don’t intend to spend money on this game.


There are a lot of different avenues. I guess I can share with you how I made my first 500 mil.

I used a salvage ship (exploration frigate, my case the Heron) I would use combat probes to scan down mission runners (ones with mtu’s). Then I would use the d-scanner to determine how live it is. You get a feel for it,

Then warp in and start salvaging all the wrecks the mtu pulled into a nice little clump.

Then sell the salvage off.

It’s 100% legal. You won’t be flagged suspect (just don’t open the wrecks and steal the stuff inside)

And sometimes you manage to mine some salt.

My favorite was when someone, who was sitting in their BS next to their mtu as I was salvaging their stuff said, “Those are my wrecks.” And I responded with “but they are in my cargo hold.” The mission runner than proceeded to tell me how awful of a person I must be in RL. Stuff that if I posted here, would get me banned.

Then they warped off. Something gratifying about a little salvage heron running off a mighty battleship.

See what other people’s suggestions are and try them all. See which one you enjoy as an isk generator.


The best way to generate ISK is to find something that pays well which you enjoy doing. So ‘the best way to generate isk’ is subjective, as activity A may generate twice as much ISK than B per time, but if you can only stand doing activity A for a few minutes before you get bored or burn out, while you can do activity B for hours week after week, activity B is going to pay you a lot more.

Exploration is pretty accessible to new players and requires very little upfront ISK. I enjoy doing it as it is a active playstyle where you travel around, scan and hack while avoiding other players. Maybe give that a try?

Just wondering, what do you need the ISK for?


As mentioned above, you shouldn’t need much isk. Just play the game how you like and you should gradually accumulate isk.

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You need multiple income streams. Not until you get much higher in skills and experience can you rely on 1 or 2 methods of income generation alone. Nothing wrong that.

And as other have said, don’t be an isk-slave. Enjoy the game!

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Robbing ESS’s may be the worst isk/hour I’ve ever done.

But I enjoyed it so much I did for three weeks straight getting dopamine blasts and ended up with 6.1 billion ISK. About 4 hour on weekdays and 18 hours on the weekends.

And I can’t wait to do it again.

Of course, with that much in-game hours, I could have made 20bil+ doing something “normal,” but like the poster @Gerard_Amatin said, you’ll make the most if your enjoy it. And all the “normal” ways aren’t fun.


The people who make games need to earn money… to feed themselves, their kids, pay rent, pay off college loans, etc… So if I like a game I’m certainly willing to put my money where my mouth is at, and pay my subscription.

Think of the economics… if everyone could play for free, no one would make games. If, for whatever reason, you do intend to play for free, you need to realise you need to be better at the game than a lot people, to the point that they are willing to PAY YOU to play certain parts of the game for them.


Ok maybe I will get the subscription.

I hate this answer, but it’s true.

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I need it to waste more isk on ESS, all the fights in Tama are unfair.

They have nerfed the value of salvage. Rogue Drone wrecks used to be worth more, as an example.

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Yeah. Data centers can’t be operated for free.

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That’s a shame. :frowning:

There is this saying “if you find yourself in a fair fight, both of you have screwed up.”

The only fights where you get a “fair” engagement where everyone can bring the same gear to the party are the time-limited abyssal arenas.

My advice: Stop looking for a fair fight, rather seek a good fight.


Yes I meant good fights.

A good fight is the one YOU win.

Sometimes there are fights you can’t win but you do it anyway for honor or to send a message (like not f-ing with your corp/alliance).

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Rogue Drone AI core used to be like 8 or 9 mil per unit.

now its like 10 mil for all 5 from that one mission.