Best isk/hour activities for battlecruisers?

scan wh´s and find C3 Class Wormholes and then do the combat anomalies !

yes its a combat anomalie and yes potential a drake could do C3´s but worthkless because you cant finish it ! you need to warp out a few times and then at some point the site despawns still if there are some rats insite !

praxix are cheap BS and there are cheap and good fits for C3´s !

if you only want to fly a BC then still a C2 WH is hard and take very long time ! and a C1 WH is always worthless with combat anomalies

So then it goes back to my original question, what are some good activities in BCs that I can use to earn up enough money to buy a BS?

I remember completing C1 sites in a Hurricane additionally to ore mining and relic/data site solving, and I earned some decent ISK in a C1. But I lived in a station there.

nobody can earn “decent isk” in a c1 ! thats clearly impossible

You realize you are in a Newbro forum? Over here, 100m ISK is much money.
Nobody has to stay in a C1, so does nobody have to stay alpha for good. But for a start it’s helpful. Because nobody should start in an Gila either.

yes, and does this mean i should advice for low ■■■■ stuff ? he is alpha with limited skillpoints ! he need to skill the correct ■■■■ before he runs out of possibilitys and then he crys because someone said he is only a newbro and he does not need the goal for a good income !

btw … a newbro cant even rach the 100m isk in a C1 ! maybe the all skills V guy with optimized fittings ! ans still then a C1 is always useless … create better goals !

Best ISK you can get from taking your ship to Jita and sell PLEX there. I mean PLEX, bought with real money. No other BC activity can beat this.

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So then what skills would you suggest?

Especially if you use your moms credit card. She wont know until the end of the month. The perfect crime.

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Probably you already know and have done this one, but BC for level 3 agent missions is fine and decent money at your level. As you upgrade skills and your ship you can just increase your speed of completing missions for better isk.
If you learn some survival skills (d-scan, insta undock etc) you could also move to low sec to continue level 3 security missions for higher isk/lp rewards (and more fun)

then as you are in low sec running lvl 3 missions anyway, scan the local systems for combat sites and start to learn those. (check eve uni website - combat sites for great info).

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