Best isk/hour activities for battlecruisers?

So like the title said. The ships I can fly right now is a Drake and soon the Amarr battlecruisers. What are some decent activities for those ships?

none ! skill to BS and fly L4 missions ! shouldt take that much time ! maybe 5-6 days for weapon ans ship skills !

Yeeting yourself into null sec with a filament, and seeing how many Ishkur krabs your can take out with said BC until the posse shows up, says very mean things to you for mucking up their isk/hr ratio and finally sending you back to high sec via clone express.

It’s very amusing.

The other thing you can do, but I recommend doing this activity in a very fast cruiser, like a stabber, is yeeting yourself into null with a filament, rob a few ESS, then take the pooch-pooch express home with all your stollen isk.

I need something that I can do with on Alpha. Unfortunately I am not in a position to sub atm, so I need some ways to make some isk.

Im sure battleships are usable for alphas ! and there is actualy a 7 day omega on NES as gift from CCP

“Can I bring my Drake?”
A Drake fleet can deliver some DPS.
I did my first Level 3 security missions in Battlecruisers, so you just can go ratting for a start.

At this point I am not skill to or can afford to pay for a battleship, but I can fly battlecruisers. This is why I’m looking for activities to do with battlecruisers.

didnt i said you only need about 5-6 days ? oO

but ok … if you dont want to earn isk then fly your BC and get bored and then leave the game because no reward and boredom !

you can reach the ISk for a BS realy fast …

So then what activities do I do to earn it? I’ve been playing the game for a couple months, off and on, and still haven’t gotten the isk for that. Besides, I want to be skilled enough to fly decent fits before I buy.

everything you want ! easy to reach the 300m for a praxis ! and with this you can fly l4´s and then effort other / better BS to earn more !

then you should wait another 6 month before you start flying anything !

For crying out loud, I can’t do level 4 missions. I am an alpha and as such cannot run level 4s.

who told you ? oO thats ■■■■■■■■ ! flying a BS and you can easy run L4´s

Are you an alpha pilot or an Omega pilot?

doesnt care what i am ! but to satisfy your curiosity → Omega !

So then who gives a ■■■■ what you think, I cannot run level 4s as an alpha. Period. Maybe access the ships to, but cannot do level 4 missions.

you didnt even play that long and you want to say what you can do as alpha and whst you cant xD
i play since 2012 and i know what BS can do and what they didnt :wink: but you can still believe that you cant as alpha ! stay uneducatet if you want and you never enyoj this game

First off, stop being a jerk about it. Second off, have you been an alpha or did you sub from day1. Thirdly, I’ve done some research and am asking here to help myself along in research. Fourthly, said research brings me to this:
Alpha clone and level four missions - Communications Center / General Discussion - EVE Online Forums
So please, tell me some other activities I can do in a BATTLECRUISER, not a BATTLESHIP, than an ALPHA player can do.

thats “new” i have done l4´s as alpha but was long time ago …

still skill a BS and then daytripping c3´s and earn a lot of isk !

then why did you asked about best isk/h Oo

Instead of argueing, how about sources?
“Alpha clones (…) They cannot accept any Level 4 or Level 5 missions from agents.”

So an expensive Battleship is not too interesting. But a big gun BC like Naga or Oracle and later a Praxis might be fun.

still skill a BS and then daytripping c3´s and earn a lot of isk !

So finally some helpful advice. So first, what do you mean by daytripping c3s, and what am I looking for to run? Second, is it combat sites, and something a battlecruiser could potentially do? At this point I want to fly something I can afford to loose at least once, and that at the moment is a drake or similar ships.