Best Release in a long time!

Ref: March 2019 release.

No events!


“Here at CCP we are always marching towards the forefront of technology. With the March 2019 release, our team of professional event planners has finally solved the problem of releasing buggy, poorly designed events. You’re welcome!”


CCP’s event this month:


Come to the EVE forums and watch the raging and gnashing of teeth being caused by recent changes.
Which side will you take? Agitated null resident and Alpha account player or will you join the ranks of the opposition?
Rewards will be lower server population,slightly fewer bots, and increased forum posts, many from newly created forum alts.


So, a win then? :rofl:

On a slightly more serious note: There is not that much rage happening because of this anom nerf. Nowhere nearly as much as the last times when CCP tried to nerf carriers or Rorquals. People just don’t care enough anymore.


Making sense regarding changes is not the bright side of this game in the last couple of years…

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Seems CCP is working on it. According to the Eve Online ‘Updates’ page, Spring - Summer 2019

The Agency - Redesign

In 2019, pilots will benefit from an overhaul of The Agency that will put more clear and concise information at their fingertips, allowing easier access to a wide range of content in New Eden.

Look out for a dev blog in the coming months for more details on changes coming to The Agency!

Also doesn’t the Guristas event usually happen in April around Easter Holiday?

Good stuff

I stopped caring around 2014, you guys are a bunch of slackers.

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