Best ship class to collect bookmarks

I am hoping to get involved in Faction Warfare and pew-pew some moralizing Gallente scum. But I need to get around low-sec and collect my bookmarks first. What ship class would be best for this purpose? I’m thinking interceptor or covops, but let me know if there is a clear favorite.

whatever your fastest in but generally interceptors, maybe garmur, anything that goes 4k+ m/s

Consider using a Covert Ops simply for the fact you can let your guard down as you go about your business creating bookmarks.

The Buzzard warps at 8 AU/s

Collecting or making?

For making BMs a Malediction is one of the faster Inties (small sig too) with 5K/s being reasonably easy to get.
For picking stuff up from a station ect, a Hecate is sub 2sec align time making it almost impossible to catch on a gate. it also has more tank (smart bombs) and Cargo (not that BMs are very large).

if you just want speed, the wolf can be fit with M cap batt+50mn and reach 8km/s stable.

[Wolf, speedy wolfzalez]
Navy Micro Auxiliary Power Core
Navy Micro Auxiliary Power Core
Micro Auxiliary Power Core II
Reactor Control Unit II
Reactor Control Unit II

Thukker Medium Cap Battery
50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive

Small Ancillary Current Router II
Small Ancillary Current Router II

The Astero is nice if you are not in a big hurry. The other benefits are you can step away cloaked if you have to, and hack/analyze sites that you find.

Making bookmarks. I haven’t done it before, so I hope it is the beginning of my collection.

I also recommend an astero, as skilling into one will always be nice for hunting in the future.

Create bm’s 160+ from most gates. This perch will save your ass in many scenarios and provide a good ‘bounce’ point for future engagements on gates.
See you on the battlefield.



You can also just create them as you go. Make a personal bm folder. I named mine [150k+ off gate]. The numerical title keeps it nice and on top. If you right click into it and don’t see the gate you’re trying to scope out, because there are hostiles in system but gate is out of dscan, just warp to 100 and fly out with mwd until you’re at least 10km+ beyond 150km. This is so you don’t go sub 150 when you align for a warp to the gate. I use he same naming scheme as bm folder name and just add the name of the gate. Line so, “150km off heyd gt”.

It won’t clutter anything, since you will only see the ones that are available in each system you’re in when you expand it on the GUI.

Blingfit daredevil or gtfo

Thanks, it sound like those would be observation bookmarks? I’m hoping to make the set of bookmarks suggested by eve university for each system, such as: insta-dock, safe spots, instant warp-out, plus the 12 or so tactical bookmarks for each gate.

You’re going to hit cap on your bookmarks with 12 tags on each gate. One is enough for each of the pipeline gates. Maybe 12 on heavy traffic gates like pyne/hikk, kedama/Reit, and vllil to eha. There are a ton of systems and I’ve fought in them all, but your chosen territory may be different.

If you fight the same people often, then I would recommend to save their tacs too. You’ll be surprised at how fast you’ll blow up your bm folder.

Insta-undocks and insta-dock are essential for systems which you operate out of.

Thanks for the tips, see you out there! o7

I personally make mine well past 150KM, more like 200-300K.

Less likely to be dragged into a bubble
Well past DPS range (150K can still be in range of a lot of stuff if its happening 20-50K from gate which is pretty normal.
Further away from super fast tackle (if you are in a BS with a 10sec align and extra few KM is nice to have. )
Harder to pinpoint if you are forced to cloak up on it.

Inty all the way for making BMs, they are cheap, fast, good align times and Interdiction nullification for NS/HWs.

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To be honest, I think you’re overthinking it. Make an insta and a safe if that. You can make safes on the fly. Instas not so much. FW isn’t as “serious” as other types of war. If you’re in a hotly contested system sure. But those move. I’ve done a lot of FW and I’ve never needed a bookmark that I couldn’t make on the fly. I made safes as I went. I made scout perches as I went.

A tac can make all the difference on whether you get the kill or not. How much time kitey BS has to volley and run, or a an mjd nightmare alpha and leap. Positioning is life when there are no bubbles.

Fair point. It ultimately depends on ship class. If going small you don’t need tonworry about it. Once you go above Cruiser, or use any of the heavier ones, it’s critical.

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