Day Trippers, Hear me out

I’ve just come back from a long break, but the bookmark changes gave me an idea.

Would any HS day trippers be interested in bundles of gas sites, data, relic and combat site bookmarks with chains included for a fee? I’d clear access every 24 hours or so and only one person at a time would get access to the folders.

Just curious if this has merit, kinda like with 10/10s, but for all the sites i don’t run myself.

It would be a convenience, but I think that’s the sort of price point you should be expecting to sell it at.

I’d buy cheap bookmarks, if I could trust their source.

I’m currently just thinking around 10% of what you’re projected to make from the sites and just play it by ear at that point. It’s more to do with creating revinue from something I already make, but currently just set to 2 day expiration and then forget about.

Yeah, I’d rather scan it down myself. Explorers fly CovOps and SOE probes, scanning isn’t a lot of work, and those who are starting out need the practice and money even more.

You can do combats and gas sites with covops now?

Ok I double checked that and no gas sites, combat sites and sleeper sites are still off limits to most covops barring like SOE etc. I think I’ve perhaps fallen short in my explanation of the pitch. There are people who day trip into wormhole space for more than just data and relic sites. I’m more thinking about people that go to all the effort of scanning down and entire chain each day, to just huff gas or just run sites for blue loot, or possibly even sleeper data and relics. Where exploration ships just don’t cut it or have any bonuses for the task. Until the bookmark change happened there was never an easy way to just give someone access to these types of bookmarks in a way that would warrant considering making any money out of it. However now with access lists and sharing bookmarks, it’s soooo much easier to do so, hence my thought.

the answer is: no
because you would sell bookmarks, but cannot guarantee that any other player won’t have found the sites that you bmed and already cleared them
You can sell bms for escalations, since they are personal and nobody else can find them
But selling bms for relic/data/gas sites would probably make your clients claim for reimbursement when they land on the bm and there is no site anymore…

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