Best ship to cross train

What’s the best PvP ship/fit (or ship class, or PvP role) to cross train from a blockade runner for PvP?

I’m wondering what I can pick up, that would be good for PvP, where the most of my trained skills might be relevant. I imagine it would involve my covert ops cloak…

Thanks in advance.

If you insist on using your blockade runner skills, then your cloaking the the only thing that really transfers. I have a few suggestions depending on your budget:
40M Isk = Cov Ops bomber
300M Isk = Stratios
800M Isk = T3 Cruiser

Most of your skills won’t transfer over (Indy and Combat are almost completely different skills). Hopefully you’ve already upgraded the Eve Magic 14 skills- as those will be useful with almost ANY ship you fly in the game. Good Luck.

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I’m realizing that new players may be reading this. For anyone unfamiliar with the “Magic 14”, check out this link: