Best Strategies for Consolidating Assets from Multiple Systems?

Hello fellow capsuleers,

I find myself in a bit of a logistical challenge. Over my time in New Eden, I’ve managed to accumulate various assets in approximately 100 different systems. Some systems only have bits and pieces, but there are others with a non-insignificant volume and value. I’m looking for the most efficient and safest way to consolidate all of this stuff in Jita.

Taking a comprehensive inventory itself feels like a monumental task, and then there’s the matter of planning an efficient route through all these systems. Has anyone faced a similar challenge and found an effective way to go about it? Any tools, services, or strategies you can recommend would be greatly appreciated.

Safe travels and thanks in advance for your insights!

Fly safe,
Serathi Geos

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one jump at a time my dude, one jump at a time

i only last year celebrated the final cleanup of some Citadel and Lonetrek regionwide buy orders for like, Tracking Disruptor I and Warp Core Stabilizer I, that I had placed back in 2008

when i’m on a trash run i like to keep my Asset Search window up and sorted by jumps. I’ll make detours up to 1 jump to grab extra stuff

(edit - for the high value/high volume systems, either keep it there or use Red Frog or PushX to move)

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There are various services that you can contract your goods to to liquidate them, for a fair fraction of the jita price. I have only used a hisec one, but others exist. Im not sure of a link but Im sure if you search Hisec buyback, something will appear.
I know there is also a nullsec buyback, but it only operates certain locations.

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Just brute force it. Buy a hauler and start hauling. It took me two days grabbing stuff from all over but it was worth it.


It is, so put on some good music and enjoy the time.

Nothing. literally just going to each station and picking stuff up/trashing low value whatnot.

Be careful as it’s 90% loot drop atm. Deep Space Transports/freighters are prime targets. Hope your stuff is under 12k m3 (the size of a cargo expanded crane + 1 rig).

I am a 1 account player and every day I wake up to ask myself. (Do I want to haul my trash around? Or do I want to make ISK?) It’s a rough life and a hauler alt really helps.

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I spent the last year, moving assets from one place to another - only to have to start again. lol I have stuff in hundred off stations.

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something like this

or for the high sec locations use public couriers to take them to whatever in the local trade hub and sell them

Join a wormhole corp. Whenever you have a k- space connection, check how far your stuff is. If it’s close, haul it in. Take it to Jita as convenient.

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