Best Time To Buy Plex

I have been waiting for the price of Plex to come down…
Is this the best time to convert isk to plex?
What is causing the rise in plex prices if everyone is supposedly leaving the game?

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Speculators. Buy now and hope the price goes up. Basically the same people who have driven plex prices for years.

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Usually each year in april.

OP is right!
Dont listen to people who tell you otherwise.
Buy them at the TTT now! Contact me Ingame if you want to buy PLEX

Buy now, everyone is doing it. :money_mouth_face:

I’ll just buy it from CCP :stuck_out_tongue:

Sell Sell Sell…
What’s that?.. They’re all selling?.. then Buy Buy Buy!

I can not decide if it is time to hold Plex or Tritanium.

Best time to buy PLEX is obviously when its price is low. Do you see the price of PLEX going down now? No? So this is clearly not the best time to buy PLEX with ISK then…

Does that mean you shouldn’t buy PLEX now? That depends on whether you need it and how much you may wait, because the price may keep rising or remaining high for quite some time…

Players leaving the game, if that was the case, doesn’t imply by itself the price of PLEX would go up or down. It would all depend on which players leave and which players remain. Where do you think all that PLEX that you want to buy in game with ISK comes from? It comes from other players too…

If more players that spend RL money to purchase PLEX (which they then sell on the market for ISK) leave the game, then the price of PLEX will go up because the supply of PLEX on the market will decrease…

People winning Eve are buying plex as a hedge, so price going up

First off, no one actually making bank in the PLEX market is going to give away their system to some rando in the forum.

But in general, PLEX is always trending upwards. So buy it whenever you want and sit on it for a year.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Best time is when ccp runs significant discount, obviously not now. Prices are raising as people leaving extract their toons and rmt them. And extractors are bought with plex. Same reason is why injectors are that cheap, they are way lower then it cost to train (omega time).

The more important question is: What to spend your PLEX :credit_card: on? :thinking:

The answer is: Obviously on SKINs :sparkles: in the NES. :wink:

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