Best way to fly an alt when doing L4s/WHs

I am thinking about rolling another alt to help me with my mission running. Wasn’t sure what the best to go for was, is it drones, if so VNI, Ishtar, or Dominix? Or is there something better? I’m flying a rattle now so want something that’s a little hands off but still beneficial

Exploration and CovOps as well to help when I’m in a WH

Rattlesnake then load fof missiles launch drones go away come back to wrecks repeat

As above Rattlesnake for missles + drones on assist or a VNI jsut for drones. Personally I don’t like Ishtar because its bonusses are focused on sentries and I don’t like sentries. Domi is good too cause you can fit reps in the uppers to repair drones and instead of recalling them when they get agro just let them tank. That’s just me though.

In WH system, your alt can be the way to finish the sites in double speed. double DPS means half time running the sites. Though, your alt better become eye and standby cloaked near the WH. Turn off the sound on your site runner, and let your alt client have maxed volume up.

When the WH sound rung, you aren’t alone anymore, and gives you heads up.

Lv4 HS, you could go many ways. become your 2nd ship for double DPS, Logi frigates in burner missions, Noctis alt, basically bigger drone to assist you with Auto Targeting missiles and drone assist, becoming long range turret with MJD, sentries, and auto targeting cruise missile.

…or simply shooting yourself with festival launcher and ammo to make the mission become colorful.

IMO in L4s once you deal enough DPS a combat alt will give too small increase (that is not true for burners though). So just bring a salvager alt, who drops a mtu and launches salvage drones when your main is killing things. This alt should not slow your main, so a noctis is too activity intensive. go eg for a nereus. Your main BM every wreck, your alt just goes to a BM, drop mtu, to the next, drop mtu, ectc. then come back to the first to salvage.

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Do Salvage Drones result in less of a return than Salvagers?

no, exactly the same. Just 8 times slower.

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