Beta Launcher 6.0.23 does not remember attached profiles

I get this problem on 2 PCs

I tried the non-beta launcher, same problem

I had the same problem and for about 2 hours the “add account” link made the launcher crash even.

After finally being able to add my account twice, I am guessing I beat it into submission.

Don’t give up.

According to CCP Avalon here Devblog: New Launcher Changes Coming! You need to select Remember Account using the gear icon next to the account. I feel that it’s different than how the old launcher worked, especially considering you now don’t have to log in… which I would prefer.

That’s not the solution!
It remembers the token too - the old launcher was far more secure!

For the last two years every change was a big degradation. CCP should hire people with functinal brain cells!

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