Beta Launcher

I am very happy with the beta launcher’s appearance and snap. Nice portal update.

I am having difficutlty with the launch settings as I think the development team is addressing a previous post of mine regarding launch settings profiles.

First off the launch settings naming is entering a second entry each time when there are spaces in the name. One with underscores where I put spaces, and another without spaces with the strings condensed down with no space.

Second, I did a basic test of the functionality of the launcher settings where I opened a client with my standard low settings on windowed mode with low settings and no audio (for multiboxing) and tried to make a cinematic single client setting with full maxxed out settings, audio on, all the bells and whistles selected that I care for while single client exploring or PVP.

After doing this I attempted to open the old settings profile to get back to my lower level settings and it did not load, the settings were not saved at all.

Good start but It looks technically disfunctional right now.


Edit Suggestion: Just put the saving mechanism for all client settings in the in game settings box instead of on the launcher so you can capture your completed settings changes instead of relying on a settings save on client close.

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