The new EVE Online launcher Beta

Why do you show New Launcher Beta Experience The Future poster in New Launcher Beta
while there is no such thing on the front page or EVE News :thinking:

Have you mixed up the channel filters?

While less immersive I think it is more inclusive in case of CCP London’s FPS mercs joining us soon™ hopefully :slight_smile:

It’s not horrible, and I’m old and not a big fan of changing things I’m already familiar with. I love the launch straight to a character option though, and I like you that you can drag and resort the accounts. A few suggestions at first glance.

1: One of the accounts is expanded by default and whichever one you’ve selected stays expanded even if you click off of it. I’d like it if they were all collapsed on launch and that it would re-collapse if you click off of (de-select) that account. I think this would be an improved default behavior but if not at least it could be part of a compact mode option.

2: Provide an option for some kind of a more compact mode, like maybe they character portraits only show if you select an account to expand it. Like I’d love it if the account name was shown with the launch account button next to the account name on each account much like the current launcher. This way the same current functionality still exists in the new launcher while providing the new feature to launch to a specific character when you click that account to expand it which shows the character portraits in the drop-down. This would allow more accounts to be displayed at once (nearly all eve players love seeing more rather than less info in the same space) without making the launcher full-screen which brings to my next suggestion.

3: If suggestion 2 didn’t exist then; make the account name slightly more visible.

4: Make the launcher resizable

5: Last and least. It’s not that big of a deal, but one the current launcher I can launch a group in 2 clicks the new launcher requires 3 clicks. Not a big deal, but it’s just a downgrade for functionality in an upgraded launcher.

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When I try to install the new launcher I get an error about it cant run with admin access. I run eve on Linux with proton and the game runs great. But as i understood wine-proton runs all programs with the built-in “steamuser” with an admin role. Wine-proton has better performance so if CCP read this topic, please add exception steamuser and possibility run as admin so that linux users can try the new launcher.

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Long as this launcher is not the horrors of Paradox’s launcher, I am content with it. :laughing:

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One thing that I run into, and wish it would get “fixed” is that when I launch the game through the Beta Launcher, it doesn’t minimize or vanish to show the login screen and then the game screen unless I intentionally select that screen through Windows. With the current launcher, the game comes “forward” and the launcher is removed from the screen. The Beta Launcher should do this also, but it’s not.

I do like that I can select my character and/or other accounts through the Beta Launcher, and that is shows more game-related information. The layout seems more intuitive and puts more information at the ready.

Can I install the launcher in another location than C:/AppData yet?

I am very happy with the beta launcher’s appearance and snap. Nice portal update.

I am having difficutlty with the launch settings as I think the development team is addressing a previous post of mine regarding launch settings profiles.

First off the launch settings naming is entering a second entry each time when there are spaces in the name. One with underscores where I put spaces, and another without spaces with the strings condensed down with no space.

Second, I did a basic test of the functionality of the launcher settings where I opened a client with my standard low settings on windowed mode with low settings and no audio (for multiboxing) and tried to make a cinematic single client setting with full maxxed out settings, audio on, all the bells and whistles selected that I care for while single client exploring or PVP.

After doing this I attempted to open the old settings profile to get back to my lower level settings and it did not load, the settings were not saved at all.

Good start but It looks technically disfunctional right now.


Edit Suggestion: Just put the saving mechanism for all client settings in the in game settings box instead of on the launcher so you can capture your completed settings changes instead of relying on a settings save on client close.

Please offer me my characters as equal values. Don’t make some characters big and some small in the interface. Please don’t make me click on a set of tiny, low res icons to expand into the full set. I’d rather just have text names than this.

Please give me a lot of control over how I present them and order them.
Please allow me to get into the game quickly by not making me wade through a ton of extra images to find my information.


Things I like:

  • the overall design of the new launcher (rearrangement of news and character list)
  • the additional info on the account / characters will definitely be useful

Things I don’t like:

  • there is no option to start the client w/o having a character logged in instantly: sometimes I am travelling and just want to collect the daily bonus. The machine I’m using then does not have a dedicated GPU and the internet connection is often poor > collecting the daily bonus already in the launcher could be an alternative
  • resizing the window is not possible (someone already mentioned that as well)

Edit: don’t mind the first item, I found the setting: Account Settings>Launch Settings>Launch to character select

Things that might be nice to have

  • closing all opened clients at once (someone already mentioned that as well)
  • automatic minimizing to tray when the client is started (someone already mentioned that as well) > you could make it an optional setting
  • layout themes similar to the game color themes (Photon, Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar, ORE, SSoE, Carbon)
  • display of the information from the client login window in the launcher (Skill queue, SP, ISK, unread mails, current ship/station)
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Hi CCP Team Stargate,

I love the new launcher. The launch group OMG <3 <3 <3 <3

Could you add an option to hide the accounts credentials, plex, corporation,… ? (Privacy things to be in the shadow with my Black OPS)
Could you add an option do not expand the account when we click on it ? We know our toons a thumbnail is good enough. :slight_smile:

So far not impressed. I made a launch group and on the first day it worked good. Yeaterday it only opened 2 of my main accounts but I was able to open the thrid manualy. Today the launch group only opened one of my main accounts and I can not open the others at all. It looks good and I know its Beta but this is basic stuff that should have been worked out by now.

Also everytime I open the launcher it says “Not Ready” untill I try to do something like open an account. It dosent matter if it’s 1 minute or 5 minutes untill I click on it it will say “Not Ready” . this also should have been worked out brfore release.

It looks like I will like it once it is finished and atleast workable. The lay out is nice and orginised. Some of the ideas from above look good.

Considering this is a new launcher with opportunities to do things differently and work on previous limitations. Would you consider being able to launch multiple characters of the same account? Be it Omega only, of course. Might be a good incentive to bank on those MCT ($)

Would be nice if they would show MCT/training per Char instead of just Omega.
Guess they need to add it to the API first.
They could easily fit 30+ accounts with Omega/MCT/PLEX - and Training/Mail/ISK Notifications for 3 chars per account into the space that they are now using (while also keeping their advert space).

Hello, this launcher has been great so far! What I would like to see most is the ability to adjust my character portraits into my desired order. If this is already a thing, please poke me with the know how :).

This would be a limitation of the game client, rather than the launcher, as starting the same user account multiple times would cause the previous instances to get disconnected.

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Another thing that would be nice to have:

  • give the opportunity to set the window position / display number for each client that is started (e.g. with account 1, I want a fullscreen client on display 1. with account 2, I want a windowed client on display 2 and so on…)

Thanks for the precision. Keep my suggestion in the wish list for a future client upgrade :slight_smile:

How many times have CCP changed the launcher by now? :smiley:


and have any of those changes made any tangible difference to game play?

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