Better character integration

I find that you don’t see enough of your character in the game except in the character sheet where you can see the whole outfit.

I propose here then, animations that can make us see our character. Since we are in a pod, we can’t get out of it BUT the trailers show people… We are more interested in this argument.

More concretely :

  • In the action “Trade”: we see the two characters sitting at a table in the station to … trade precisely.
  • In the action “Rent an office”: we could see a representative of the station and the renting office shaking hands
  • In the action “Rest” (create for): it would be like a standby mode but nicer than an almost fixed screen :blush: Where our character is sitting at a table in front of the glass showing on the ship hangar. I’m thinking in particular of the station trader who could have a notification of an item whose buying price goes down / selling price goes up and the player will have activated a bonton to be notified (not a “favorites” type star please but something original)

I think that the animations should be different from the races/religions/clothes that we wear for example

  • The behavior of the Amarr (punctual, respectful) unlike the Minmatar (cross-legged, party) especially if they are at war :joy: anyway, if they trade, it’s because they are friends so they will look behind them, a move to the right and a move to the left to avoid being noticed that they should be enemies
  • The dress that prevents us from sitting properly that is put back in its place
  • Various animations by the same type (it’s better, especially if a customer doesn’t come to trade and stands up, that the trader who was there gets angry and grumbles)

The problem with graphically intensive stuff being inserted during a trade dialogue is that you’re often needing to trade with many people and quickly. Things like ship/module/drug handouts before fleets and such aren’t usually one trade! They’re ten, twenty, or thirty trades. Often with trades being spammed at a designated handout target.

I wouldn’t want a situation where twenty fleetmates trade somebody and crash their game cause of all the models trying to load.

I understand that people who do a lot of trading in a short period may crash the servers… And even, how do we know if we should load the animation for a trader who does much trade, or for a trader who does not do much trade…

Thanks for your answer ^^

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