Better Deep Space Transport ships - Hangar Fleet boost?

I have a Transport ship I use to move around my small Burner fleet.
Actually I can’t move all my Burner fleet of AF as one frig is 30k m3
And at Transport V the max number that will fit is two.

My Burner fleet consists of four ships, excluding the Hookbill.
Currently Transport bonus is 5% per level on hangar fleet.
If the bonus were 30% per level, we would have a 150% bonus on top
of base 50k, resulting in a 125k m3 hangar, which would be barely
enough for the four main Attack Frigs.

So, transport ships just got nerfed…,
Time to give them some love??

get a bowhead…

transport ships aren’t meant to move ships, they are meant to move cargo


Bowhead, its what you’re looking for.

Gank magnet, probably not what they want or even train and invest in.

Wow, Bowhead does look really impressive!
It’s really overkill for my purposes.
Both for price and for space, but it’s lovely ship!! Can it dock in normal stations?

As for Transport ships, they are meant to ship what they are specialized.
Ammo, Ore, or as DST’s are concerned, ships indeed…
Each faction has a Deep Space Transport ship that has 50k fleet hangar…

doesn’t change the fact that that is the option for what they want to do…

ships that are meant to move ships have ship maintenance bays, not fleet hangers.

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Use an Orca, Bowhead, or capital ship (Carrier is great) if you wanna transport assembled ships, that’s what they’re made for with those large ship maintenance bays

DSTs are made for general transport, including repackaged ships but not really assembled ones. Your DST can work just fine if you’re willing to repackage the ships (and therefore lose the rigs) every time you move them.

This would be ludicrously OP and make the Orca’s hauling niche obsolete outside of hauling mass ore or assembled ships.

There was no nerf, your DST never was and never will be able to haul 4 assembled Assault Frigates at once

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Two yes, why not four??
OP??? I don’t get it…
A BC is 216000 units of space, so it wouldn’t fit.
A Cruiser is 118000.00 and would fit together with a couple of frigs… not bad… (assuming ~180k new specs at lev V transport)
Considering almost all new Burners and Abyss missions are either for frigs, or Cruiser ships…
It would be beneficial in my opinion, not OP…


Because a DST being able to haul 125K m3 of other things would be way too useful

Stop trying to make your DST do things its not meant to, get an Orca or Bowhead if you want to move assembled ships. Ask around in Haulers Channel why DST’s dont have 125K m3 fleet hangar and you’ll get the same response; it would be ludicrously OP. A DST isn’t designed for hauling assembled ships across the cluster.


thats what @Mike_Azariah flies for the magic school bus

Prior to the intro of the Bowhead I used an orca to move ships in much smaller numbers. Yes it is tanky as all get out but vulnerable just the same so it all comes down to where you are going and what risks are acceptable.


You are just gonna get push back from many as they don’t want people to have things and only want to stay within the safety of their walls, change scare them.

Best option is the orca for what you are doing with smaller ships, a mobile base for your operation, don’t get stuck living out of one system, pack your bags and move around, you will find more interesting areas and especially move out of caldari space.

Supposedly the orca can carry a fully assembled Gnosis.

More like cuz a DST having 125K m3 of fleet hangar space would be really OP. I think most people can agree the current T2 industrial lineup is balanced regarding m3, or atleast was before nully changes, I think they’re still balanced but some would disagree on that.

However, what I think everyone who actually knows the hauling economy/meta would agree on is that doubling the fleet hangar size of DSTs would make them really OP and its not something anyone wants except if they’re greedy for better ships.

It’s like asking for the Gila to get a 4th low or 7th mid, or the Muninn a 5th mid, or adding another slot to really any ship that’s already in a good position or OP. At best it makes an already good ship meta-definingly strong, and at worst it’ll critically disrupt the meta and make that ship so much better than the other options that those options become more obsolete than they already might be.

So it’s like the Orca seems like the better option… it’s just 2Bil right now…
I was checking prices… If someone buys my navy hams in Perimeter I night get the isk necessary…

DST still a cheap and relatively way safer ship than Orca.
But yea, whatever, make ship like a DST Op May help break some botted system mechanics and thus
ppl are scared of changes… who knows that within a year the Orca won’t need Noxium or Hydrogen Fuel blocks to stay afloat…

Eve is dynamic, it reflects changes in the real world.
We suffer outside, so must be it…

I think there’s room for a dedicated ship carrier with a capacity in between the Orca and DST, especially if it had a maintenance bay instead of a fleet hangar. But it would need to be a new ship, not just a buff to DSTs.


I got the Bowhead!!!
I sold my freighterrrrr!! A 1:1 swap… nice!!

Super Tanky!!! 700k Ehp!!! Yup!!!


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