Better for a miner: KarmaFleet or Eve Uni?

Hey folks,

I’m still new to EVE, been playing a couple of weeks. I have determined that I want to be a miner - probably in highsec to start, but with plans to do nullsec eventually. Which do you think would offer me a better chance of a safe, nightly mining fleet, KarmaFleet or Eve Uni? I want to have fun, make isk and, most importantly, make friends.

Thanks for any advice!

I am a former unista and I cannot speak highly enough about their organization as a whole.

That being said, it is a very low pressure, learn at your own pace sort of environment. Which has its positives and it’s negatives. If you do go the uni route and are interested in mining. I would actually advise AGAINST joining the mining campus. I would instead recommend joining the null-sec campus (my old home). There is plenty of mining and industry out there. Plenty of people to show you the ropes. Better ores and PI. Much better missions right in the home pocket. And regular opportunities for pvp.

Not only will you get better ores for your mining. But also a much more rounded overall experience and skill set that will prepare you for wherever you go next.

The uni lectures are also damn good. And they are available to everyone, uni or not. (Although the practical side of some classes may be restricted)

Overall they get my whole hearted endorsement.


OK, thanks. Uni might be better for me. I want a somewhat laid back and relaxing experience, so decided on mining. I’m not sure I have much interest in PvP, at least in the near future.

I guess KarmaFleet could be seen as a long-term corp, though, while Uni is only for beginners?

There are people in the uni of all skill levels and experience. But it is designed with the expectation and understanding that people will move on at some point.

Alumni are always welcomed though. I still jump onto coms with them every now and then.

Hmm, OK. So go to a corp where I have a better chance of making long-term friends and more of a home wit KF, or go for more of a learning experience with EU. Not an easy choice!

Nothing is stopping you from trying out both and seeing which is the better fit for you. Most uni lectures are open to anyone. And unless you get kicked out for something the uni has fast track re-admission for former members.

OK, thanks! Maybe I’ll just hang out in Amarr Mining Campus indefinitely. =)

I’m not in KarmaFleet, but the KF standing fleet runs Downtime to Downtime and the Supers are always on speed dial.

That said, you’re probably better off joining a smaller corp like mine than a MegaCorp if you want a more personal game experience. Drop by the in-game channel “Echelon Recruiting”.

(1) Join EVE uni.
(2) Go to PC9-AY (null sec in Syndicate) campus.
(3) Kill scorditans in a relaxing, safe environment.
(4) Win.

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Please do not do this, AMC is a trap and its FAR too easy to get stuck there.

This is the way to go a million times over.

If you dont have an interest in PvP, then I definitely recommend the PC9-AY campus for EVE uni. PC9 has some of the most valuable rocks in the universe, along with a well armed, well-fitted EVE uni defense fleet. You will be 100% safe.

I also recommend decking out your covetor with very expensive faction modules to better let you bring gud fites to the scorditans. PC9 is safe enough to bling your ship a bit. Plus Ivy League will keep you protected.

I thought Joe Isuzu retired :thinking:

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I really hope this is a joke and you’re not actually suggesting to this guy to make the trek into null-sec to mine Scordite.

Karmafleet miners, at least, will love you if you mine some of the stuff their Rorqs can’t, like Mercoxit. Beyond that, you can always find anomalies with the best null-sec asteroids, since most if not all of Delve has full industry upgrades.

I absolutely am suggesting it.

No one should do this to themselves.

Join KF and mine with them if that’s absolutely your calling, you’ll actually mine stuff worth mining and make money.

Your powers of detecting sarcasm cannot be equaled by any mortal being.

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