Bhaalgorn original requirements

I have had the Bhalgorn for a long time. I am currently training Minmatar BS 3.
Didn’t I already train this when I trained for the Bhaalgorn?
What were the original requirements to fly this ship?

You only needed Minmitar BS to 1. It could be that you were more focused on a neuting Bhaal and did not use webs. This would mean there was no need to train Minmitar. It may also have had other bonus based on Minmitar that you did not use or need. I forget if the bonuses per level changed for Minmitar.

I think I recall paying a billion for this ship…what the hell happened to it?

It stopped being the most important pirate BS to have in a fleet, coupled with mass farming in that area of space leading to a flood in the market.

CCP making the Geddon the ‘poor mans’ version with very similar neut bonuses…the demand for it diminished…

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i don’t think this is the issue. overfarming the pirate areas are the reasons as all the pirate bs hulls dropped in price dramaticily over the past years. i bought and sold machariels for 1.1 bill back in the day :slight_smile:

Kind of.

Geddon has range, Bhaal still has a lot more power.

Geddon is actually superior in some ways. The bhall is more of a anti-cap neuting ship, whereas the geddon is more of an anti-subcap neuting platform.

The bhaalgorn is one of the least used ships in game, combine that with the massive farming in delve and well it’s cheap.

Sure it’s very powerful in some circumstances, yet pretty worthless in many others. Small gang where you only need to neut out a few ships, great ship for that. Can also throw a big buffer with neuts, and get fed cap by logi. But the ship has very little PVE utility where pretty much every other pirate BS gets used in pve some. And I don’t think any big fleet doctrines use Bhaalgorns. So there’s a pretty small market.

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