Navy Geddon Rework?


Been playing around with the navy geddon for a while now in pyfa, however it just doesn’t have the same feel as the other navy faction battleships. It’s always coming up too short on pg/cpu on fleet fittings and I don’t think it’s bonuses really work too well.

It’s in general a very under used ship (At the time of posting, on zkill there has been a total of 10 kills with it in the last 7 days) and I’ve almost never seen them in a fleet (Apart from the odd person bringing it to a fleet for no real reason). I’m not 100% sure how to go about fixing it, however I’d like to start the discussion and offer some quick suggestions:

Make the Navy Geddon fall in line with the navy augoror, having a HP bonus, 2 utility high slots and 6 turrets with the damage bonus.

Amarr Battleship Bonuses (Per skill level):
7.5% Bonus to Large Energy Turret damage per level
7.5% Bonus to Armor Hitpoints per level
-1 Turret Hardpoint

This change would place the navy geddons armor HP around 20k with max skills, also it has 6 turrets with 2 utility high slots. This is very useful for both pvp and pve. For PVP, it would mainly be used as a buffer tanked dps line ship, however due to it having one less turret needing to be powered, and has a high base HP, it should have enough fitting space to be viable in fleets, in the current meta of dual plated battleships, you would only need a single plate on the geddon navy to match the hp level. However this is at a sacrifice of raw dps/projection, although its balanced out by the ability to have 2 utility high slots.

This combination could potentially be too powerful, however tweaks could be made, for example it could have 1 high slot taken away so it has the 6 turrets + 1 utility high slot, or it could even be the first battleship to sport only 3 mid slots, this would make it a somewhat unique ship whilst staying within its role and following the tanky line that it is on. (Amarr navy has two lines - Damage projection and Tank, slicer/nomen/nharb/napoc all have projection bonuses, whereas the navy aug has tank, so the navy geddon following the same bonuses as the navy aug would make sense.

If anyone else has any suggestions or input feel free to comment.


So an abaddon?

While your changes are an improvement, itll have less damage than an abaddon and be just as slow. Maybe itll have better cap due to less turrets, but not by much.

I agree the navy geddon is mostly garbage atm, and its fittings are poor. I just dont think the traits you listed would make it anymore desirable.

Moving a high or low to a mid would be one way to really set it apart from the apoc and abaddon and give it more options than any other amaar BS.

A’la t1 geddon, maybe go with bonuses like 5% laser damage and 10% drone HP/damage. Make it a high damage dealer with mid flexibility to apply that damage.

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Yeah I’m mainly just trying to get the discussion going on it.

I quite like the idea of replacing the util high with an extra mid, could be quite nice, although I’m not too sure about splitting the damage bonus. Maybe have a 5% tracking speed bonus on the hull instead of armor resist? Although it will have less dps than the abaddon, it will apply it better.

Bring it in line with Navy Aug:

5% Bonus to Large Energy Turret Damage
10% bonus to ship armor hitpoints

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Thats actually a solid idea, having the same armor hp bonus as the navy aug means less need for 2 plates, and if you removed 1 turret slot and gave it a decent damage bonus, it would make it a unique battleship that fits in nicely with the entire line.

This means there wouldn’t need to be any stat changes either. I think that sounds quite nice actually.

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Hp bonus directly competes with the abbadon resist bonus. The navy geddon was historically left how it is for mission runners who wanted a low cap use bs when the basic geddon got changed

Except it seems few mission runners use it. Esp with nightmares and rattles being more effective/cheaper in most cases.

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There was typo, but I fixed it.

Jokes aside, all navy battleships cost almost twice as much as pirate ships, so nobody wants to buy them.

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Oh. Agreed that with pirate ships prices falling so much it’s been left in the wayside. But making it into a direct competitor to the abbadon isn’t the right solution. In a way it would have been better of the navy geddon was the neuts boat while the t1 stayed as the low cap option. But that ship has sailed.

Well ofc its gonna be a direct competitor to the abaddon, it’s exactly the same with the napoc, it has identical bonuses as the t1 apoc just with better overall stats, so whats the actual problem here?

Because the navy apoc is the direct upgrade of the apoc?
The navy geddon is not the direct upgrade of the abaddon? Or it would be the navy abaddon?

Moot point about Navy Gedddon is not a direct upgrade to an Abaddon, when we already have Navy Aug that is an “upgrade” of a logi ship when in fact is more comparable to a Maller.

Navy Geddon do desperately need a rework. The cap bonus on the hull just need to be rolled in to ship stats and replaced with something more useful. Bigger NAug could be indeed interesting with 6 turrets and 2 utility highs, but the bonus to damage need to be higher than 37.5% RoF or 25% damage. (probably 15% damage bonus per lvl if ship has 6 turret hardpoints, so it has more effective turrets than abaddon by 0.5) Plus some sort of an armor bonus, also PWG need to be looked at (buffed a little bit) and cap regen need to be adjusted too (nerfed slightly).

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The powergrid wouldn’t need to be touched if the turret slots were reduced to 6, the main thing hogging fitting on the ship is the lasers, and with one less it should actually be workable without any touch up to the pg.

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If its 6 guns and 2 utility highs (which it probably would be) then yeah some extra grid would really help.

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And give it -50% cycle time of heavy neuts and -99% activation cost of heavy neuts.

Come here mr bhaal, ima waiting…

Dont think it should be a direct replacement for the bhaal.

Having combat EWAR battleships for each race could be interesting, but theyd need either a whole new line (kind of like faction EWAR frigates) or create 1 additional t1 BS for minmatar and gallente, and add 1 additional combat focused BS to caldari/amarr.

The Navy/fleet factions here should be strictly combat and not have EWAR bonuses. Though i do like the idea of the fleet phoon getting a TP bonus in place of a gun bonus.

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Wasn’t my intention but you were all thinking it with 2x utility high slots.

pest, pest FI and typhoon FI all have 2 utility spots and i don’t consider them to be bhaal competitors.

I wouldn’t mind the navy geddon as it is now. Jusy with loads of grid and a bit more cap.

It’d be a dps alternative to the navpocs application and baddons tank.

@Daichi_Yamato, I was flying one last night on SiSi and the Navy Armageddon is fine if you treat her link the brick she is, plates and an ancillary as delayed plate(s).