Big battles in EVE online is still so laggy?

like when I left 4 years ago ?

Y bet. Not sure why there is tidi on big battles , but I was in a battle that took 2 hours just to fly few systems and pew pew very shortly. Quite annoying

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TiDi is there so that the server can handle the load and have the fight happen instead of random black screens, disconnects or node-deaths. TiDi allows big fights to happen.


The Destiny physics engine was written in the 1990’s and is single threaded. If the workload can’t be completed in the 1 second server tick, the ticks can be extended up to 10 seconds. Players experience that as time dilation.

Recent Aether wars experiments were testing technology to overcome this and the vision of Eve forever will require an engine replacement but no guesses as to when that will happen.

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