Big Ships are not allowed in high sec ... just let us not tell this to anyone

This can’t be real but I so hope it is, I WANT it to be real.

It somehow transfers me back many many years ago to an honourtanking dread and the threadnaught that followed.

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It’s real. I can’t link the zkill due to the rules but it’s there.

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Yeah I saw it later, I’m on my phone, but then I’ve seen more expensive ways for people to troll or attract attention.

Still the zkill progression seems “natural”, if silly.

It just warms my cold heart to see someone goes through all that training time while not choosing to read the wiki for 3 minutes.

Old school eve vibes, best vibes.


Bad assumption.

Especially since they are doing their best to cultivate whales. People who, through no fault of their own, will spend a thousand dollars before discovering the game they are playing is not remotely like what CCP’s marketing department sold it as.

Also. ■■■■ the kiss-ass apologists in here. New players are being intentionally manipulated into spending way more than they should through a false narrative pushed by CCP/PA. It’s like saying “google is your friend” when the chicken style nuggets you bought turned out to be deep fried gravel.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


You’re trying WAY too hard.

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■■■■ the crybaby bittervets who have been whining for over a decade



ROFL it is all the way their fault. First thing I do before playing a new MMO? Google de ever loving quafe out of it to learn all I can to avoid situations like the OPs.

It is 100000% x infinity bazillion mustard sauce their fault.

  1. Then why buy a big freaking ship?
    It is only a toy. I wanted to check what it can do using automatic part of the system. I have/had several battleships, looked what they can do. It is mostly a curiosity.

  2. Your lack of available time is none of CCP’s business.
    You are correct, but I am not interested too much in playing with humans. I just wanted to check another toy and to see what it can do. From the perspective of CPP I am a client who can
    pay them relatively good money for their exercises in graphical design.

  3. It is a life’s journey… your clone’s life journey.
    Well, I am not my clone. I don’t want/can’t afford to spend much time on the game. The things I like the most about the game is its graphics, not even its action parts. Different folks can enjoy different things.

  4. It’s obviously working, EVE Online has been around longer …
    Yes, it is, but I am sure that you and CPP agree that there is no need to setup the artificial limits. For example if CPP would allow just to rent a ship for short time to learn its feature (expand somehow the simulation) I would pay for this (I guess some other folks will also do) . Or if they provide an extended virtual view of some space objects (perhaps using the images of the real one) I would be also very interested. Different people can enjoy different things.

It isn’t CCP’s fault if some naive person spends thousands of dollars on a product that gives them the opportunity to try before they buy, a product with extensive online information.
I have thousands of euros to spend on a game if I want to but before I even think of spending that much money, I want to know most of what there is to know about the game, which means a lot of reading and double-checking. Nothing prevents me to even send an email to CCP to make sure of something before I spend money on it. There’s even a Help Chat where most, if not all, of my questions can be answered to my satisfaction.
CCP isn’t responsible for people acting like uninformed children.

Buyers Beware is basic and should be known to anyone who spends money on anything. There is no conspiracy concerning EVE’s mechanics. They are to be known and/or researched before any major decision.


Ok this gotta be a troll post.

Just move to null, problem solved.

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I mean, CCP does run some pretty predatory-looking ads in game but I don’t think they’ve suggested actual bad advice like “skill inject into a dread and fly it into highsec.”

You can try that. That’s how the sandbox works. Of course, there’s a very high chance that the buyer will know how to fly the thing and jump it to a cyno instead of trying to fly it into highsec.

Your conspiracy theory is amusing, but I’d like to apply Occam’s Razor here: the simplest explanation is you did something stupid completely of your own accord.


Well, now you know.
If you adopt a trial-and-error behavior with a game, don’t be surprised to be surprised.

When you’re in the game you are your clone.

Not CCP’s fault.

So? Is that supposed to make your nonchalant approach to EVE anybody else’s responsibility but your own?


Something else you might not be aware of is that capital ships have jump drives. They don’t have to take gates if someone lights a cyno for them within their jump range. They’ll teleport straight to the cyno (short for cynosural field). Cyno range is based on how far away the system is in light years, too, instead of counting gate jumps.

In this example you’ve given, a person would probably be undocking it just to immediately jump it out to where they want it without taking the gate or passing through a trap you set.

Well, you are not trying to see my viewpoints. From were you stand you are correct on every statements (I mean no sarcasm), there only problem is that you don’t want to consider that current rules maybe be not the best for every player and neither necessarily for the CPP in all cases(from money perspective for instance) .

There are many reasons why capitals aren’t allowed in highsec, one being that they increase the gap between those who have and those who have not, and another being that they would be incredibly hard to gank and thus move with nigh-impunity. I don’t understand your mention of “money perspective,” are you trying to make eve p2w now?

Didn’t think about this as just considered my own situation .
In my case I wanted to jump to high sec. According to support it wouldn’t be possible whatever means I try.

In general if warned about the restriction I would try this or go with another ship

You’re right. EVE is not for everyone.

(1) it is a virtual reality. No one prohibits CPP to make some attacks impossible (if size/mass of the ship A is that bigger than ship B, ship A can’t start attack on B [only allowed to response for instance]).
(2) “Pay to Win” - No. Actually I had in mind quite opposite variant. (example in 1)

I got it. You like it as it is now. I respect this, but in virtual reality you can have many variants in one setup.

Indeed there can be, but CCP decided it that way for reasons they deem justified. They can’t change the game to everybody’s whims, they decide on the mechanics and implement them according to various factors that affect their company and the game.