Billing Account Support Turnaround March 2018?

I have put in a ticket with all the relevant information relating to my problem and waited for some kind of automated reply/update to my ticket or better yet… someone to fix the issue with my account(s)…

It’s been 24 hours, which i guess compared to a lot of other companies… not a big deal.

Unless you’re a company that leaves no other means of contact and quotes " 24/7 technical support" via email.

At the very least, i should get some sort of reply that tells me if my issue has been assigned to someone, etc… Or an email?

Just throwing this out to the peanut gallery: anyone raised any tickets recently? I’d love to hear the response times and/or find out this is some kind of freak occurrance.

(incase anyones curious) issue resolved satisfactorily in just over 24 hours – can’t complain

Good glad your issue got resolved. Much better to wait than freak out on the forums huh?:smiling_imp:

squeeky wheel, etc

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