Billy’s Phantasm - Hand drawing of a Sansha’s Nation Cruiser!

Hello !

A bit of context first if you please : one week ago, I got in a little chat with le girlfriend (strange specie, really), and I told her that I haven’t drawn anything in about a year, and the last time I held a pencil in my hand was just to calk some characters I liked back then… And I was really bad at it ^^"

Since I had carte blanche and could pick whatever I wanted to draw, I picked something very simple to draw ( irony/sarcasm ), the one and only glorious Sansha’s Nation cruiser : the Phantasm. As the space edgelords or emos, you name it, the Sansha’s Nation was always one I loved, the Nation itself and its designs. And as my first drawing… I picked the ship I liked the most in the line! This is also my first time using “advanced” techniques, such as inking and shading… Although, my girlfriend was of great help as an early judge to those two parts, before sending it to this subreddit !

(I might have also interested her in the design so much that she now want to create a Phantasm out of fimo clay, and she recently asked me the name of the game from which it was taken… FC WHAT DO, HOW TO GET GF TO PLAY EVE)

So, there it is ! I hope it please to you guys =)

TL:DR : OP haven’t held a pencil in his hands for about a year and recently came back with an hand drawn Phantasm as a first :

Currently training up Sheet Extension V, don’t worry.

This was started on Saturday, June 1st, and finished on Saturday, June 8th! A whole week of work, with ~3h each day (and a bit more on Sunday and Wednesday) !

Fly safe o7

Billy Sanchezo.


Beutiful bobs, verry nice!

I shall post my own picture that i did of someone else here on the forums, later!

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Nice, always good to see a player portray Eve in their own art.

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finally, theirs my damn dinner knife knew I left it somewhere

It’s a tactical design, you deal extra Kinetic damage when bumping your opponents !

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