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Is there a standard template Eve Online Role-players can use to create their character biography? Attempted a forum search was unable to pull anything up.

Not that I know of, but I might be wrong. Never looked or asked myself for this. - Why am I answering that?

Anyway, you should switch to the good side. :gallente:

Just be inspired by the bio of other capsuleers. Take the parts you like, leave the stuff out you have no answers (yet) or don’t like and find your own style. - It’s boring if every bio looks the same.

That’s at least what I’m doing. Btw. there aren’t many capsuleers who mention their hobbies in their bio - like collecting stardust - for example.

However, switch to the good side! :gallente:

There is no standard template to my knowledge.

Probably the most common format used is the biography as a personnel file - as if being called from a database. This lists physical attributes, identifying marks, a personality description or suchlike. Some characters have quotes that indicate their beliefs or allegiances. Others may wish their character to be mysterious or to be defined by their RP interactions and thus have no bio made public. It’s quite varied.

Your best approach may be to look up regular Intergalactic Summit posters’ character profiles in game and read what they write. See what you feel suits you.

My character bio, for example, is of the database style presented as his licence of freedom (as a freed Amarr slave soldier) with some personally meaningful quotes from Scripture.

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There is no standard format as far as I know. People treat ingame biographies in roughly three ways:

  • a full IC way where whatever is written there is what the character would write in their intro
  • a database result that would come up with a search someone would be interested to run it
  • a fully OOC story or link to one.

I personally prefer the first but the intent of the player is usually clear from how they write theirs so it does not matter.


Not really possible for the in game bios, but there was a time when a lot of RPers would use a common template for a character sheet out of game, as seen on the Backstage forums.

An in game bio could easily link to one of those on the forum.

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