Pro writer: Alliance/Corp/Player bios

Unique player bio: 200 million ISK
Unique corporate bio: 2 billion ISK
Unique alliance bio: 5 billion ISK

My Promise: I’ll craft the perfect description of your player, corporation or alliance in any style you want. Menacing? Got it. Light-hearted? I can do it. Technical? Will comply. All it takes is an interview or two and some follow-up questions. If you’re satisfied, I get paid.

I can also write the history of your corp or alliance in compelling prose for a website and promotional materials. This, of course, will require more significant effort and time as I learn about how you got to your place in Eve Online.

Detailed corp history: 5 billion ISK
Detailed alliance history: 10 billion ISK

Who is Rhom Achensa? To many in New Eden, I’m a vicious pirate of high-sec who spends hours hunting and killing my targets. Out of game, I’m a professional writer both in my day job and for Imperium News Network. To reach me, send me an in-game Evemail.

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Great response so far, and my queue is now empty. Evemail me for more information.

A fantastic writer and salesperson. They work with you every step of the way and are quick to get the job done. I can’t recommend them enough.

Ready to write. I can craft an engaging and vivid bio that incorporates Eve lore and describe how your characters fit into the New Eden schema. Or it can be simple. Customer’s choice. Mail me today!

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