Bio-writer wanted

can someone Point me to a direction where i can find someone to help me get a nice rp-bio for my char?

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@Aiko_Danuja and @Xeux are members of CODE. which is an organisation dedicated to ganking. They are most certainly role-playing (in a very EvE and interesting fashion) but perhaps not quite in the manner for which you were searching and I suspect they are being a little tongue-in-cheek with the recommendation.

If you are looking for help in writing or researching a RP biography consistent with the game lore, you might be best advised to contact some of the players posting regularly in the Intergalactic Summit forum here ( IGS ). The Player Fiction and Lore Discussion fora in the Fiction Portal section are also good places to find help and this stickied thread has a lot of resources on lore RP.


I can help.

"Cuckold. Rapist. Serial Taco Thief. I have been known by many names, but my true name is…

Uriel Destiny

Born in the wastelands of Amarr, Uriel named himself Destiny, for he sought out not the destiny of himself, but rather, a stripper he met who also happened to be called Destiny. By naming himself after her, he hoped to forge a bond stronger than the 2 minutes he could afford with her each week.

Peace, would never come, for he stole from the wrong person. An Amarrian Overlord named Jamil Something, a name which he could care less of, had found crusted, white stains on her favorite dress. DNA analysis showed this to be Uriel, though he denies this and claims that the Minmattar Tribal Council set him up, for reasons unknown, but most likely based on his delusions. He hid in a small Iteron that was due for Gallente Space, but ended up in Caldari Space, for he knew not how to read or write.

The next few years would not be nice to Uriel. Begging for scraps and donations by faking being a blind beggar, his only salvation came in the form of an advert. This is where his adventure, begins.

Known Aliases:

The One Who Farted In The TES Seraph (And banished forevermore from working as a janitor)

The (Yellow) Stain Maker

He Who Lacks A Brain

The Eternal Hunger (Because he is poor)

The Follower Of Destiny (For 2 minutes) "

Please credit me if you use it. Thanks!


@Kumakatok well i´m not exactly Looking for 100% lore-consistent bio but i have an rp-idea in mind for my character and wanted a bio to Show this idea.
lore-constistency would be a nice bonus

Just let you inner child do the writing, it will good.

A stripper for only 2 min that’s one article of clothing a week, WoW!

I happen to be a professional writer in real life, which is why I can find so much time to play EVE and participate in EVE’s elite writing guild.

You… monster!!!

-angrily eats his hard-shell tacos-

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