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Welcome to one of the few NDSI communities in eve (Not Dead, Shoot It), where our goal is to blow things up (preferably other people, but beggers can’t be choosers, ya know?). Have fun, and enjoy the heck out of this video game.

Yes, I said it, Video game. We are here for fun, good times, maybe a bit of mayhem… well, lots of mayhem, and some stories we can share with our gamer buddies. Our corporation, which is based out of a mysterious and unique location offers 1 jump access to people to fight, and 1 jump access to ways to make money. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Our goals are to provide you, our pilots with fun times, and a community, where we are just as happy to insult each other, as we are to work together.

CEO’d by myself, Jonn Duune, a long-time wormhole inhabitant, and Spectre Fleet fc, i’m used to trying to make things fun for everyone, whether your a 100 mil sp bittervet who only plays eve because its an addiction, or a 100k sp newbro who just started the game and has the goal of seeing his or her first capital ship. For newer players, you’ll be given access to a community and wiki that will help train you up to be knowledgeable and capable of being self-sustaining in this game, because EVE is not for people who like to have their hand held (google: Eve’s learning cliff).

What I am looking for in pilots are people who enjoy doing things, initiating things, and causing things, who also like working together to create a narrative in the way only EVE can accomplish, after all, as EVE says “I was there.” Our corporation is focused primarily on PVP and killing things, but we also do realize that you need isk to make this happen, whether its to buy fancy combat ships, or simply to keep your account running (after all, some of us aren’t in the best situation for RL iskies, but that’s cool, we’re here to work together). Through various different types of fleets, such as small and microgang pvp, blops, and fleet actions, we’ll provide some content, a goal, a good time, and maybe if you’re lucky, a Jonn Duune Certified™ Micro Jump Drive.

As someone who has enjoyed, endured, and sometimes been enraged by the EVE culture, i’m going to tell you that politics is bad. So official corp policy will be “Shoot it first, shoot it later, no questions asked”.

So if any of this sounds interesting to you, here are some more bullet points that may come in handy:

  • This corporation has a NO PERMANENT BLUES POLICY. We have friends, but we will shoot them, but if anyone comes to shoot our friends, we’ll shoot them harder
  • The goal of this corporation is to enjoy EVE
  • We like to shoot things, come help us.
  • We are 90% UStz at this point. So if you fit in the UStz, late EUtz, or early AUtz, you’ll fit well with our activity
  • Most of our pilots are well skilled and knowledgable in many different aspects of eve, and we’re not afraid to share our knowledge, and absorb yours.

The ideal pilot will have the following traits:

  • Isn’t afraid to do things on their own, and look for content.
  • Their PVE mentality isn’t Player vs Environment, it’s Player vs EVERYTHING
  • Don’t let honour get in the way of a good fight, unless a ransom request has been delivered

To slot in at 100% effectiveness with the corp, these are the skills we want:

  • Experience with scanning, and wormhole living
  • The ability to fly AT LEAST one of these ships: Stealth Bomber, Stratios, Hurricane, Armour Assault frigate or T3 Destroyer
  • The willingness to be able to do both DPS and Support in PVP (Support being: Logi, Ewar, Scout, Tackle, Dictor, etc)
  • Proficiency in the english language (this doesn’t mean you need to be a native speaker, just that we understand you, and you understand us)
  • The ability to use a headset with a working microphone (at least some of the time), and Discord for text/voice communications
  • Odds are, most pilots who meet most of our ship requirements are going to have AT LEAST 20 million skill points, so that is preferred. But don’t be discouraged, if you’re less than that, but you’ve got the traits we want, we will definitely talk, skill points are just a number.

Ways of Contacting B10MS:
Contact me here through PM on reddit
Send me a mail in game @ Jonn Duune
Join our in-game channel “Join the Pile”, and speak to our members listed in this channel.

[04:25:43] Doomsday FreeFire > At Biomess We kielz Rumans for a livring srince 194r4

You should also add a quote to the end of that about the death of the last iteration of Biomass Party. What was it. . . I think it was something along the lines of

Hard Knocks warping in with another squadron of sabers
Jomn Duune warps off mid fight while flying support(nestors)
Jonn Duune: “we lost, you’re on your own try to evac if you can”

Try not to poke the bear this time around man, you make your corpmates pay for your mistakes then walk back in later like you had nothing to do with it. . . That’s low class m8.

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