Biotoxin Industries; High-sec industry corporation with connections!

Hi there,

I think you clicked on the right advert! Biotoxin Industries is the high-sec division of The Order of Omerta. We’re looking for relaxed people who enjoy mining and indy endeavors but don’t take the game too serious and people who don’t mind helping build a culture and community here. Joining us will grant you access to:

  • Protected null-space for mining (Ice, moon and ore), ratting and industry
  • Access to a guarded wormhole with a High-sec static
  • Maxed out high-sec orca boosts, alliance fleet ops
  • High-sec moon ore
  • Null and high-sec buyback for all materials
  • Help with grinding L4’s for standing/LP (SOE, Amarr, Caldari, Minmatar, …)

For newer players: You get unlimited access to Planetary Interaction Command Centers and help with setting them up, as well as 50% off your first fully fitted mining barge. Now that’s a steal!

Join us on Discord on: Biotoxin and Omerta Discord

Timezones: East coast, West coast, Europe

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We got great ppl and plenty of help for you returning or newer players. Come join the fun!

Come all you hs krabs and noobies

Bump it up

Interested. Are you still recruiting?

Always recruiting join the discord link and we’ll talk

Hi, i’m a newbie that’s mostly into industry and pve atm. I’m interested in joining and was wondering if there’s another discord link as the one posted said it was invalid.

Here ya go

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