Biotoxin Industries, the choice for new and returning players alike who want the best of both High-sec and Null-sec

If you posses an aptitude, we’ll make use of it!

As you’re reading this, I am currently spearheading a number of reforms. However, we are overwhelmingly shorthanded for the task ahead. As such, I am here to recruit those of you here who have talents in EVE. What we require in these troubled times are those those who are far and away outstanding at one thing. The form that talent takes in unimportant. If you can say for certain you are second-to-none at something, come and stand before me!

Your education, your age, your social standing, your place of origin, your ethnicity, and your sex do not matter. It’s no matter if you can mine or pvp, or how many possessions you own, or how attractive you are, or if you have any other skeletons in your closet. “I am better at this than anyone. No one in all of EVE can outdo me at this.” If that is what you believe, then come and present yourself before me! There may be those of you who are hesitating, wondering if your talent will actually be of any use. However, that is not for you to determine. I, your Chemist King, will determine whether or not our company needs your talent. I do not care if others say your talent is worthless. So do not hesitate!

If a person’s ability is judged to be useful to the company, I will afford you every courtesy and take you on as my subject. You will be the ones who, in this time of crisis, will spearhead change to new Eden.

  • Joining Biotoxin Industries will grant you:

    • Maxed out, command mindlinked high-sec orca boosts

    • Protected null-space for mining (Ice, moon and ore), ratting and industry

    • Abundant high-sec moon ore

    • A home system with ice belts

    • Raitarus and Athanors for all your reprocessing and industrialist needs

    • A Null and high-sec buyback for all materials

    • Starter and advanced care packages to get your feet back on the ground.

    • A newbro friendly environment

    • Help with grinding L4’s for standing/LP (SOE, Amarr, Caldari, Minmatar, …)

Joined and want to have a taste of null-sec? You can quickly change corps depending on how you’re feeling!

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Come join our growing family.

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