Birdsquad-Project.Mayhem RECRUITMENT CLOSED!

(Mike Shepperd) #1

In case you havent heard:
the bird is the word and we are selectively recruiting again!

Birdsquad is the prime english speaking corp of “Project Mayhem” - the most content driven alliance in new eden!
if ALL you wanna do is PVP and be part of one of the most well organised pirate groups in New Eden, we have a match!

check out our Killboard - no empty words, we kill thousands of ships every month!
and yes, again we speak english in Birdsquad, NOT russian!

About us:


What we offer:

  • Activities range from fleet figths, drops, blackops, Wormhole-Dives, Small Gang roams, gatecamps and smartbombing traps
  • Fleet fights range from micro gangs all the way up to (super)capital escalations
  • Black Ops Pilots will use their beloved baby!
  • Capital usage (insure your dread - seriously)
  • easy logistics
  • SRP for Alliance Ops for Logistics and Links

What we want :

  • we seek experienced PVP pilots
  • you must be able to fly our doctrines: T3 Cruisers and Logistics, Faction Battleships effectively
  • if you have 30m SP and you can fly everything above its fine if you have 100m SP and you can’t fly our stuff - it’s not.
  • the willingness to move and live in lowsec and participate in corp/alliance fleet
  • be active and play the game - don’t be a pingwhore!
  • you need isk - min. 5b starting investment!
  • (super)caps / fax / cyno hunter / or at least somekind of usefull alt is a must have requirement!
  • full API’s on all Characters are mandatory

for more infos visit our in Ingame Channel “Birdsquad” or mail/convo any recruiter or jump your most expensiv ship into Tama for a talk!

(Mike Shepperd) #2

still taking in the right people

(Mike Shepperd) #3

recruitment still open

(Mike Shepperd) #4

recruitment still open

(Mike Shepperd) #5

still considering the right people