Suicide Birds - The True Casual Nullsec Experience


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Suicide Birds is for players who want to take it easy, make some ISK, and enjoy the good life of nullsec without being required to join fleets!

We live in Delve, and if you have seen the recent Monthly Economic Reports you should know that Delve is some of the best and wealthiest space in all of New Eden! Our markets are some of the best stocked markets, and with our guidance you will be able to make loads of ISK

We are looking for:

  • Industrialists
    • Interested in producing your own (super)capital ships? Or maybe get into T2 production? Our industrial complexes make this easy for you, plenty of Sotyios, Azbels and Raitarus to do your production in! And with our high-activity market you will be able to sell your hulls within no-time!
  • Ratters
    • Subcapital, Capital and Supercapital ships will be able to make easy ISK whilst being protected under our capital umbrella
  • Miners
    • Subcapital and Capital miners will be able to make some of the best ISK per hour that the game has to offer, with our well stocked market and constant demand of ore and moon goo you will be able to line your pockets with ISK!
  • Casual players that want to have fun!

What we require from capsuleers:

  • Zero drama
    • We have a zero drama policy, we don’t allow scamming, harassing or any form of awoxing of “blue” pilots, any capsuleer that is the source of drama will be asked to leave the corporation.
  • Full API keys for all your in-corp, and out-of-corp characters and accounts.
    • This is both a corporate and alliance requirement.

You can apply by registering on and adding API keys for all your characters, and corporations.

Once you have done that, please apply to the corporation on your main account, and we’ll take the application from there, if there are any questions you will receive an EVE-Mail, if everything goes well both your main and your alts will receive invitations to the corporation.

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Back to the top! :rocket:

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Application was processed within one hour. I’m a bee now.

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If I only want to join with my main and not secondary account is that okay? Do I still need to provide full api for both accounts and my personal tax avoidance corporation? I only want to join with one character, keeping my others separate including my tax avoidance corporation.

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