Bitcoin crashing below $9000 as we speak

Like plex / isk?

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Exactly like plex / space bux.

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Its not the last one buble on bitcoin, people learn nothing and will still do the same thing. Bitcoin is nothing without bubbles.

7000 \o/

under 6k next weekend xD

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I just made some ‘digital gold’

How much will you give for that? :joy:




Oh ya that stuff…
It will still buy Keepstars.

This crap tanking makes me giggle.

I expect this crash is due to shifting to other same such currencies.

I have about $135US divided between BTC, ETH and LTC in Coinbase. I invested when it was around $7K. As of 9:45PM US, it is now just over $6K. Yes, I was in during the high of $19K+ for BTC and am staying in now simple because I have nothing to lose…except 135 bucks. I think it will recover but only to about $12K BTC sometime in the spring. Why? I have no idea.

Lots of BTC millionaires are now thousandaires. Moral of the story? Don’t invest in Cryptocurrency with other than blow-off money.

Funny stuff

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Thank god I cashed out my coins in December to buy my new house.

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I pity the fool who bought it in that moment. I pity him even more when he thinks it will go up to that level soon, if he HODLS. When the next bubble will come by, it will be less for a bitcoin than what we have now. There will be too much people not so eager to risk the burn, as they were burned once and have seen people burned. There will not be so much investors, not so much demand for it to pump the price so easily. And the fact that we have abundance of cryptocoins now, every day new digital gold comes by, demand will be even more dispersed.

The market crashed when the media started advertising bitcoin in my country. It is always a nice sell signal.

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I don’t remember it that high ($20,000) , I think it was around $9,000.

It’s been interesting to watch the rise and fall of Bitcoin. I haven’t invested anything into it personally but I can see the appeal of the cryptocurrency.

The crash was coming, especially with how fast it rose. It’s unrealistic to expect it to keep going up like it was. It was only a matter of time before a crash happened.

Meh, all this will just blow over and start up again, per usual.

War will eventually break out against North Korea, or some middle-east country, Trump will lose next election to Oprah, public attention will be diverted by impending global conflict for a good 5 to 6 years, and bitcoin will drop back to its 2013 rates, hovering around 800-1000$ tick. Meanwhile other crypto-currencies will keep popping up and global economic uncertainty will once again make way for its general usage rise again.

And i’ll be ready again at this point.


Bitcoin and cryptocoins in general reacts on regulations like a kamikaze pilot who spotted american ship. That is because its a tool for people who want to exploit its volatility and lack of regulations, and because of that volatility and lack of regulations it cant become a currency that everyone could use to buy pizza in every store in your country. Because of that the range of adoption is speculation and scams and that will be its general usage without regulations.

Crypto is exciting but don’t bet your mortgage.

The stock is obviously more interesting and worthwhile than the currency itself.
Those same electronic data transaction systems are used for ATM transactions system, as well as electronic membership cards system, which may or may not deal with real money as data.
To change the value of money into something to transact on is where the real problem lies.

Of course they become some sort of creditor when the money is entrusted to them, but to change the value, up or down, can lead to the same value of conflicts with the same amounts, or different amounts.

They have not faced their first real war yet.

There are also those new Bitcoins Point of Sale (POS) automated machines, which, after I tried for the first time, would not let me successfully transact with them.
It was as it to make it seem like if they required something else that I didn’t provide them, even though I may have proof of how I did.
Anyways, they obviously are not on the best of terms with everyone.