The City was sealed, therefore anyone inside posed no threat to anyone outside. As the professional soldier you claim to be you should be protecting any civilian life whilst there is a chance it may be saved.

There is no evidence as yet who was involved, and jumping to any conclusions serves no-ones interest.

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Then there would be no reason to kill infected, only to cause Gallentean-type “Oh, poor civilians” idiotic drama.

No reason to do exactly what the State and Empire were advocating doing last year during the Inquest? Well, then I guess it’s a good thing the Gallente/Minmatar proposal won, huh?

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I actually myself was for the option to cleanse the infection sites whole.

I will make a short resume (TLDR) version of our previous conversation to prevent further detached from the discussion misunderstood inquiries:
I was talking about protecting not-infected from infected.
Mr. Farsaidh said it happened inside the city that was sealed, thus there was no need to protect “non-infected”.
I have said that in that case such operation will have no meaning.

So … did any of this stuff conveniently have a time/date stamp?

As cold as it seems to say such a thing, if there’s a current, Agent-resistant strain of Kyonoke out there we have a bigger problem than trigger-happy mercenaries.

Alternatively, considering this is pretty much the one-year anniversary and K-plague’s in the news as a result, could this be a hoax playing on the news coverage for a little extra lift?


Not that I’m aware of.

A mystery wrapped in an enigma.

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Well, either this is a hoax, intended to make the Caldari look bad, or rather, worse than they already appeared, given the facts coming out of the DED investigation. Or to be precise, the lack of facts coming out from that investigation.

Or it is not a hoax, in which case, there are questions as to why now, and not last year, when it might have been more relevant.

But you have to wonder, who gains by this ? Who would benefit from staging a hoax ?

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We are beating them all over the warzone now, so it’s quite logical they will go for the dirtiest of their tricks for their propaganda to try to recruit at least someone. It’s clearly only they benefit from that, and explains why they do it now and not last year.

You are mistaken, the weapon in question is a rail rifle and, based on its rate of fire, I hazard a guess that it’s an Ishukone design. Please compare the audio to this field recording of an Ishukone Assault Rail Rifle in use.


The pitch is higher than the Ishukone ARR. Not much, but… it could be a difference in the recording equipment, or it could be a similar rate of fire from a slightly different bore weapon. Don’t the Feds also use ARRs?

All the major rail rifle designs are from either Kaalakiota or Ishukone. The other prominent hybrid infantry weapon, the forge gun, does have models manufactured by both State and Federal corporations but the rate of fire is much lower because of the slow capacitor recharge rate and has a very different sound profile.

Prominently used rail rifles are dependent on Kaalakiota’s proprietary “microscale” technology for power regulation and this technology is either licensed to or was replicated by Ishukone. In most designs Ishukone favored rate of fire over energy delivered to the target whereas Kaalakiota models are the reverse hence my conclusion that this is an Ishukone model. You can listen to Kaalakiota models in use and hear the difference.

I cannot rule out that this is a different manufacturer, even a Federal one, but it would be very odd to equip military professionals or mercenaries with a rail rifle not manufactured by one of these two corporations. It would be stranger still that it had a similar sound profile. Not impossible, granted. But I relatively confident in my conclusion.

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Are you implying something with this?


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Only that it is typical to Republic to use ancient weapon designs, for example, chemical explosion propelled shells. Very primitive idea: you ignite the explosive in a barrel (or casing), it burns rapidly and heated gases push the bullet out of the barrel.

I personally prefer explosions to happen on enemy side.

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Fair enough, some just prefer time tested, ever reliable systems…



There are slow rate fire higher caliber autocannons, considering it is more likely a mounted on a vehicle weapon rather than a rifle, and really, I can almost hear microexplosions.

As for the Ishukone design - well, it is again highly probable situation. Ishukone is known for treason and collaboration with criminals and enemies of the State, with whom rest of Caldari are at war. I won’t be surprised if FIO hired mercs exactly from Ishukonites camp - they are the first to betray the Fatherland to lick gallente boots for gallente money.

What about a derivative design? A PDW for ship crews, or a carbine? If it’s a recording from the urban containment zone, the carbine would make sense.

Or, if it is an Ishukone-designed weapon, the merc could have gotten it just like you get your weapons, and bought it on the open market.


They pretty much could. But, logically, it is easier to hire traitors in the State territory instead of smuggling clearly hostile looking gallenteans. Ishukonites or gurista with Caldari appearance might be the best candidates for the job.

Logically, you don’t have to smuggle anything, as the borders are open.

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Have you tried to baseline in Caldari territory?

Yes, then again it was rather recently so… ya, not hard.

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