Ushra’Kahn Incursion in Floseswin High Orbit Repelled by Amarr Militia Titan Fleet

A heated but brief engagement between forces aligned with the Amarr and Minmatar Militias took place in high orbit over Floseswin IV in the evening of 05/08/123YC. The result of the conflict was an embarrassing loss for Ushra’Kahn, the crumbling backbone of the failing Minmatar militia, and the unsanctioned capture / rescue of a freedom fighter contingent numbering some 10,000 strong by Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris capsuleer Alrith Shutaq.

During the late hours of 05/08/125YC , satellites in the Amarr defense network in orbit around Floseswin IV detected a Minmatar incursion into high orbit. A Fenrir laden with some 10,000 freedom fighters managed to slip into system undetected and assume a high orbit around the planet. Given the freighter’s position over regions of the planet experiencing imminent darkness due to planetary rotation, it is speculated that the Ushra’kahn plot involved the orbital descent of armed freedom fighters, followed by infiltration into the local populace under the full window afforded by night-time conditions.

Fortunately, like most schemes spun by Ushra’kahn, this one too was thwarted by sheer incompetence and came unraveled almost immediately. While the Fenrir pilot did manage to enter the Floseswin system undetected, his orbital descent trajectory overlapped almost perfectly with an Amarrian geosynchronous defense satellite which was alerted immediately to the planetary incursion. A recording of this network’s observations, which details the conflict as it unfolded, has been made available by Amarr militia forces in compliance with a formal Imperial inquiry into the events.

Interestingly, reports indicate that some capsuleeres within Ushra’Khan have come to suspect the UNITY freighter pilot and capsuleer, Irnolf Sirober, of collusion with Amarrian forces in an effort to facilitate the deliberate extermination or capture of Minmatar freedom fighters. What is unclear, is why the operational security controls within Ushra’Kahn would permit such a pilot to be recruited, and to fly under the UNITY banner. Such a critical failure in security would surely only shift the blame from the supposedly nefarious pilot, to the crumbling Ushra’Kahn leadership that enabled so many freedom fighters to be drawn in and subsequently sent to their demise under the once respected flag of UNITY.

Intentions and loyalty aside, after the pilot of the Fenrir foolishly triggered the orbital defense grid, the system automatically requested assistance from local forces loyal to the Amarr militia, who flocked to the planet with haste. Within seconds, the Fenrir was beset with pulse laser fire from a small but mighty fleet of Apocalypse Navy Issues, flying the flag of CTRLV. It is unknown whether what happened next was as result of the Freighter’s distress, or if this was always the intended chain of events. Almost immediately after engaging the Fenrir, Amarr forces observed a warp signature on long range scans that they could not initially comprehend: a Hel class supercarrier.

Given the utterly broken state of Minmatar-aligned forces in the region, it was thought that no entity within the Minmatar militia could field such formidable vessels. Nevertheless, the motley fleet of CTRLV battleships quickly found itself staring down both a Minmatar aligned Hel class supercarrier and Naglfar class dreadnaught, both of which took up positions near the distressed Fenrir.

The escalating conflict over Floseswin caused the planetary defense AI, which was monitoring the engagement whilst simultaneously executing low-level diagnostics and performing routine station-keeping calculations, to experience what can best be described as a panic attack. Logs show that within nanoseconds of observing the Hel class warp signature, all subroutines were abruptly terminated, and all processes were devoted to a singular function: broadcasting a call for help. Before the Hel even appeared on visual scopes, a broad spectrum burst with the highest priority flag was broadcast on all Amarrian frequencies demanding immediate assistance. Fortunately, a fleet comprised primarily of GARR and CTRLV titan and supercapital class vessels was loitering in system in preparation for a formal inspection and parade. Once notified of the incursion, members of house Sarum commanded the fleet to break formation and render assistance, lest the soil of Floseswin IV suffer the taint of Minmatar footfalls. The Amarr commander aboard the Avatar class flagship TES Claritas complied with no delay, and descended upon the Minmatar-aligned force with a fury not seen in Floseswin since 01/05/125YC, when Dreadnaughts under the flag of Shining Flame sieged the planet. Upon arriving in orbit, TES Claritas casually requested clearance from the planetary defense grid to bring the full might of the Avatar down on the Fenrir. However, this request was no doubt a mere formality, as records indicate that her judgement class doomsday began charging even before her drive plume dissipated after exiting warp.

Having been disabled by coordinated fire from the CTRLV Apocalypse Fleet, the status of the Fenrir crew at approximately 23:09, when the Amarr Titan fleet arrived, is unknown. What is known, is that sixty seconds later, the Fenrir crew ceased being humans and started being plasma. Having received (and completely ignored) clearance from the Floseswin defense grid to unleash Judgement, the Avatar TES Claritas fired on the Fenrir, enveloping the freighter in subatomic particles which Minmatar scientists have not yet named.

Seconds after TES Claritas relieved the Fenrir of her structural integrity and crew, emissions from other doomsday class weapons danced across the blackness of space and into the Hel class supercarrier, extending a non-verbal but easily comprehended request to depart orbit, with which the Hel and Naglfar complied. Logs indicate that the Fenrir’s reactor exploded at approximately the same moment that the Hel left grid, flinging the habitat module housing the freedom fighters clear of the wreckage.

Unsettling reports from within the Amarr Militia communication network indicate that, without approval from Amarr house Sarum or the Militia fleet commander, a member of Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris, Alrith Shutaq, brought the habitat module of freedom fighters aboard his ship, and is harboring these enemies of the empire at an undisclosed location. In response to these rumors, leaders in the Amarr Militia have called for the immediate execution of these freedom fighters, if they do indeed survive. Any action short of immediate compliance with this command will be perceived by the Amarr militia as a betrayal of trust, a slight against house Sarum, and Heresy against the Empire.

Amarr Victor.

-Mikal Vektor

Supreme Commander of Allied Amarr Militia Forces


Nice to see you too, Mikal.

Congratulations on destroying the Ushra’Khan incursion, all told a rather foolish endeavour by our enemies put to a fool’s end, well done. However, regarding your insinuations about Paladin Shutaq-Newelle’s actions, I do believe it prudent to point out the following:

  1. Prisoners can be useful intelligence assets. Even if what they know seems irrelevant or inane, it can actually be good for painting a broad picture.

  2. We don’t execute prisoners out of hand. House Sarum forces themselves have already established this precedent on Floseswin through the taking of Prisoners of War and labour extraction. They can be useful leverage in negotiations with the ‘other side’ given the Empire still has peace-time relations (tense as they are) with the Republic outside of the warzone and conducts negotiations with them via the Inner Circle of CONCORD. Further, these prisoners aught also be considered for labour acquisition and Reclaimation of their bloodlines, given that is our ultimate mission, no? To me it seems more honourable to follow the example of House Sarum in holding these prisoners than to butcher them Ushra’Khan style out of hand.

  3. Supreme Commander of Allied forces you might well be presumably by consensus of a majority of militia organisations, but it is my understanding that allies tend to request things and not order them from pilots and organisations outside of their own except for the very limited case of directing fleet engagements in combat. Taking on of prisoners and their treatment would fall well outside of that purview, and instead default to the individual organisations’ standing orders. For us of the Chapter, that means following Scriptural doctrine. In this instance then, I think it prudent to let House Sarum speak for House Sarum and CTRL-V speak for CTRL-V.


Kudos to a very obvious but expensive PR stunt, A+ for effort.


I think it prudent to let House Sarum speak for House Sarum and CTRL-V speak for CTRL-V.

Forgive me if I’m misunderstanding anything, but in response to this statement

Heresy against the Empire.

I do not recall it being the right of this “Supreme Commander” to declare anyone, let alone fellow Amarrians, let alone highly decorated Amarrian pilots and servants of the Empress, to be Heretics.

Have I missed something or is Mikal drastically over-reaching in the perceptions of his own authority?

Lady Abigail Renaud
Paladin Initiate
Excubitoris Chapter


Paladin Onzo-Gallius is completely correct.

Standing chapter orders for evidence pertaining to potential heretical events is that all evidence should be turned over to the appropriate authorities for such investigations. Decisions about executions are above the Excubitoris Chapter’s station.

I believe in this case, the proper authority for an investigation into why a new Ushra’Khan member flew a freighter full of freedom fighters into a well prepared ambush is most likely still the Order of Tetrimon. If they request evidence, I am sure that Paladin Newelle will happily provide it, just as he provided them with the evidence pertaining to the Floseswin dreadnaught attack.


Wow, Mikal! If you wanted them dead, you could have done it youself.

I mean, how do you even leave survivors on an unarmored ship with a Judgement? That must have taken some skill to completely miss the cargo hold of a ship that is basically just a giant cargo hold. You could have also ordered the wreck destroyed.

Anyway, I appreciate all that you have done for the war effort, but I think you are getting a bit restless with the lack of a real fight to be had in the warzone. I suggest we sit down and have a coffee and conversation about the matter if you are so bothered by it.


That is certainly a precedent, one established before His Grace the Lord Sarum declared that planet to be a “Land of Devotion or Damnation”, I can neither speak for His Grace’s present intentions nor indeed definitively whether the orbit of the planet would constitute such.

The right of the Sarum family to determine the fate of those who sought to bear arms against the Empire’s servants in Lord Sarum’s divinely appointed circuit however, is clear.

I am not sure how the Empire treats such violent criminals and terrorists as Freedom Fighter, I could say that if they’d get into my hands they would most certainly go through execution, provided the tribunal would admit them being freedom fighters (because we cannot execute people without sentence first).

I heard you have other methods of contiaining such dangerous and violent beasts, for example Vitoc, but all this sounds very unsafe to me and in my humble opinion leaving these monsters alive creates a severe risk of losing innocent lives.

I suppose I’ve seen worse sockpuppetry in action, but I’ll be damned if I can remember when or where.


More interesting than its ubiquitous parent claim of ‘rogue actors’ if only by virtue of its creativity; by all means elaborate.

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Killed a freighter with a titan. Good job. Much better than the claims of eradicating all eukaryotic life on a terran planet with international industry colonies there.


Greetings Utari,

I agree that Prisoners can be useful assets. This fact was weighed in my mind as I looked upon the habitat module after being thrown clear of the remnants of the Fenrir. On the other hand, the destruction of the offending vessel with a loss of all aboard paints a clearer picture of the consequences that await those who assail Floseswin. My command was that these souls be permitted the embrace a slow death in the vacuum of space as life support failed. Notice, I said command. This was not a request, lest you think it suitable for those who lead fleets and dictate their actions hold the title of fleet requesters, and extend instructions with that level of concern with compliance.

For reasons that elude me, Aldrith took it upon himself to disobey that command, rescuing the freedom fighters from their fate. You will forgive me if I do not embark on a deep speculative journey into the mind of Shutaq in search of the motivation for this action. It is irrelevant. When on grid with my vessels, you will follow my orders or be converted to plasma. Aldrith violated my explicit orders to rescue freedom fighters that had just attempted to land on Floseswin. His actions have drawn the notice of pilots in CTRLV and other militia groups. Rumors of PIE collaboration with republic conspirators abound. It seems to me that I have given you a relatively easy path to silence those rumors. It is unclear to me why I have no received immediate notification that these orders were executed without delay.

With regard to apparent concerns for my title or for whom I speak, I command CTRLV, the workhorse of the organized Amarr militia. The truth of this is a matter of record. I speak for the organized militia, and I choose my words carefully. I said:

Any action short of immediate compliance with this command will be perceived by the Amarr militia as a betrayal of trust, a slight against house Sarum, and Heresy against the Empire.

We do view the actions of Aldrith and therefore PIE as a betrayal of trust.
We do view the actions of Aldrith and therefore PIE as a slight against house Sarum.
We do view the actions of Aldrith and therefore PIE as Heresy against the Empire.

Amarr victor.


Going for civil war no. 4…? 5?





I wish.



Word has reached the Court of House Sarum that claims as to betrayal, heresy and the dignity of House Sarum, pertaining to one of our loyal vassals, have been made in public by those with very little business doing so. I see that this is so.

Let it be known that I speak with the authority of the Lord Sarum, Sword Marshal of Upper Domain, Devoid, the Bleak Lands, and the Upper Rebel Provinces.

Mikal Vektor, I see that you are a foreigner and perhaps unfamiliar with the subtleties of the Imperial system and the role of Houses and Holders. Therefore, and in view of your service to the Empire and my House, I shall exercise due tolerance this one time.

First, do not arrogate to yourself the right to judge the mind or temperament of the Lord Sarum or any other member of our Royal House. The Lord Sarum and his loyal servants shall determine what is a betrayal or slight against House Sarum. No other has this right. No other could have this right.

Then, in the matter of Lord Consort Aldrith Shutaq Newelle you need understand one essential fact: he is your better.

So that you may understand the implications of this, I shall explain further. Lord Consort Newelle is a senior member of the House Newelle, a direct vassal of House Sarum holding lands in fealty to our House by virtue of martial service. If the Lord Consort Newelle makes a decision within the Military Circuit of House Sarum, he shall account for it to the Court of House Sarum and no other.

Further, if the Lord Consort Newelle gives you or any other commoner, let alone a foreign-born, a command pertaining to the Military Circuit of House Sarum, it shall be obeyed. Again, the accounting for such orders as Lord Consort Newelle makes in the name of House Sarum shall be to our Court.

Finally, you should understand that House Sarum observes the Laws of War of the sanctified Emperor Amash-Akura. The disposition of prisoners is a matter for those of Holder rank or those authorized to issue commands in their name. If one such as Lord Consort Newelle takes prisoners it is not for a commoner to arrogate to themselves the right to issue commands, threats and accusations over the matter.

Those who willingly step into the realm of our temporal politics and religious obligations should be aware of the consequences of unwise speech lest they find that it is they who are adjudged the betrayers and heretics. Conduct yourself with greater circumspection to our laws and traditions in future, and trouble our faithful vassals no further.

These are perilous times. For too long have heretics, rebels and would be usurpers hidden within our own ranks, and their insidious plans been allowed to fester. The rot is being excised as we speak. We are perforce driven to wield the knife with a will. It is always a pity when healthy flesh is lost along with the corrupted but on occasion it is unavoidable.

We of House Sarum expect all who would be loyal to strive to destroy the corrupt, so that the pure may live and the destiny of Holy Amarr be enacted.

Heed and obey these the commands of the Lord Sarum.

Long live the Empress. Victory to Holy Amarr.

Lord Qatib Olacar xer Sarum

Private Secretary to His Grace the Lord Sarum,
Holder Kathedra of the Table Paramount of House Sarum


Ah, House Sarum bringing the softies. I half-way expected them to let Mitara off the leash instead. Now that’d be scary.

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Lord Qatib Olacar xer Sarum,

I humbly thank you for your prompt and gracious guidance on this sensitive matter. My apologies for my harshness of tone and violation of imperial folkways. After years of fierce fighting Minmatar rebels on behalf of the Empire, an enemy with little regard for etiquette or decency, I am afraid my immersion in grit is eroding my own capacity to conduct acceptable dialogue with Imperials of high station such as yourself. I do not contest my low station, a product of my Gallentean heritage. I see now that I was in error in questioning the actions Lord Consort Newelle, a mistake I will not commit a second time. Please rest assured that though my accusations were improper, my intentions were pure. All I do, I do for the glory and veneration of Emperor Amash-Akura.

On behalf of the Amarr Militia, I rescind my order to execute the aforementioned freedom fighters, and retract my criticisms of Lord Newelle and PIE. We recognize Lord Newelle’s authority to manage the disposition of the aforementioned prisoners in accordance with his service to house Sarum, and issue our deepest apologies for questioning his jurisdiction (and the authority of house Sarum by extension) on this matter.

If I may be so bold, unconfirmed rumors and treachery and heresy have indeed reached our forces even in the far reaches of the warzone. For such whispers to prove so persistent and permeate our intelligence networks so, there must be threads of truth therein. There is indeed much unrest in our Empire. In the context of excising the putrid corruption that has taken root, there is no knife sharper than the forces under my command, sharpened for years against the crimson whetstone of treacherous Minmatar rebels. When the Empire calls, CTRLV answers. If you have need, my forces are at your disposal.

Long live the Empress. Victory to Holy Amarr.

Mikal Vektor

Supreme Commander of Allied Amarr Militia Forces


Irrefutable evidence has been presented to Ushra’Khan containing logs and conversations of this plebeian Mikal and his cronies planning and arranging the destruction of their own agent and freighter in Floseswin. These logs do not include any collusion with the slaver Aldrith.

We all know the reasons and only highlights the childlike leadership? of the Amarrians in the warzone.

Any requests for this evidence will be denied as this would expose the source of said intel.

Now sit back and watch as “Amarr eats itself”


How convenient. Claims evidence, but refuses to publish the evidence. There is no evidence as your accusations are seen for what they are, a desperate, knee-jerk reaction.