Black hole system effect

I have several questions since my corp is considering a move into a black hole system. First, are any structure mods effected at all? I believe missiles are not improved, but what about webs? Do structure webs have a decreased effect?
Secondly, do drones still have issues? I know before it was possible that your drones would be too fast to return to your ship and would never track anything due to speed. Is this still the case?
Thanks in advance for any information.

Wormhole effects do not affect structures in any way.

Drone’s are much! much! better with speed, remember that drone mwd speed is not the same as orbit speed and orbit speed is what effects tracking, but no modifier in the game can effect orbit speed :] so your drone tracking is fine.

wrong… so…so wrong

go get an orca fill its mids with nav links and try this. for drones to start orbiting they need to get into a proper range and turn off their MWD if they are going to fast they will over shoot this turn around and keep sling shooting constantly missing their target and never returning to the drone bay.

How is it wrong that’s just a different problem, doesn’t mean drone nav links effect orbit speed.

Why are you using an orca as an example it’s slow as hell and not relevent? any pvp ship will be moving while drones are returning meaning that they cant really overshoot if they are approaching from behind.

if you are going to fast you will constantly miss your target and have a ■■■■ time getting your drones back

not if you are going so fast that you never turn off your MWD

his question was not about drone orbit speed but if they were still broken in black holes

This also depends how the npc is moving if its mwd’ing then the drones can still hit if its standing relatively still then sure they will have problems.

very few sleeper rats are constantly running their MWD same with the much bigger issue of other players

Thanks for the responses. I did know that drone orbit speed is not effected. In the past the “sling shot” effect made getting your drones back (or getting them to properly engage a target) a huge pain. Even to the point that you have to web your own drones or they never return to your bay. Seems like this is still a problem based on responses here. Ill go do some SISI testing when I get a chance. If they drones do turn off their MWD, rather than slinging all over the place, then the extra speed is great!

edit: I’m exclusively concerned as it applies to PVP. So hoping they run their MWD while we shoot them is not going to work.

you can also just disconnect and reconnect they will not engage their mwd

Warriors don’t return to bay in C4 BH’s and above, so just pack Hornets or Hobgoblins. Well, you can get warriors in, you just have to tell them to return and orbit and then tell them to return to bay.

black holes are my favorite… :slight_smile: me and battleships and black holes. eww baby…

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