Black Operations Battleship bridging features - recommendations

-Recommend adding a 2500m activation radius line item to the Covert Jump Portal Generator I module description. The Covert Jump Portal Generator I module description does not display the module’s activation radius. This ticket was submitted to CCP in October,2020 (support request #1401638) and was closed. Module activation time and activation distance are both important features for pilots to know, but only activation time is displayed in the module attributes. In contrast, the Micro Jump Field Generator module used in tactical destroyers displays an area of effect radius of 6000m. Currently, the Covert Jump Portal Generator I (and Jump Portal Generator I) module activation radius is not displayed.

-Recommend adding a bridge fuel consumption feature that displays bridge fuel used per ship that bridged to the destination. The bridge pilot (and/or FC) would be able to see a management list of the average fuel consumed per ship during the operation, and detect which ships took the bridge with activated propulsion modules (afterburners and microwarpdrives), expending more fuel than necessary. Currently, there is no window/table/listing feature that displays fuel consumed by ships taking a bridge to the destination.

I’ll pass these on to CCP Karkur.

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