Covert Jump relay Destroyer and Battlecruiser T2

So the concept is that these classes get their covert t2 versions in the form of a kinda paired up emergent gameplay feature.

The core concept is they are both covert ops cloaking and have a new jumping feature.
The Jump driver function is linked to stargate routes. And they can jump a maximum of 5 connected systems. 1 per skill level of “Relay Jump Drive skill book”

The Covert Relay Battlecruiser and Destroyer skill reduce the recharge time from 25 min to 5 min at level 5. (These are not fast travel ships).

The Destroyer’s kind modus operandi “Stripped of hardware to fit the jump drive and lacking in power and room for traditional support systems these destroyers appear from nowhere and snare their opponents before they know they have arrived. However, all this comes at the price of their teeth. These ships sport no more firepower than your average interceptor”. Due to the small size of the ship and the already highly iterated systems, These destroyers can’t use covert cynos or be covert bridged

The Battlecruiser’s kinda modus operandi: “The big brother to the Covert jump destroyer. Brining the punch to the fight these ships are slow, slow to warp, slow to travel. They also can’t maintain their covert ops cloak for long periods of time and will become slow warping targets that can only cloak once after making a jump until the drive has recharged and stabilized” (Which can’t happen while cloaked).
So you can make a jump hit a target and cloak once. But to jump back out you need to be decloaked between 25 and 5 min depending on your skill level. These battlecruisers can fit a covert cyno to call in backup should they get caught. This ship is too large to be covert bridged.

The operation method is that you or your fleet commander need to set the target destination on your autopilot. Your ship needs to then be within 100km of your first gate on the route. You or your FC can then activate the jump relay.

A counter to this new gameplay is the new deployable structure jump relay inhibitor.
They are around the cost to make of a large t2 bubble and will pull any relaying ships out of jump at the gate it’s deployed within 100km of. And will drop any relaying ships out within 50km of the relay inhib.

Due to the nature of this jump system no target cyno is required.
Fuel is required and they will have a bay.

Minmatar one is a Tornado-based Drone ship.
Caldari is a Naga-based Droneship.
Gallente one is a Talos-based missile ship.
Amarr one is an Oracle-based Drone ship.

Concord is conducting a trial to investigate the load these ships add to the gate network.
As such for the time being the Network has been restricted to only allow jumps of 2 connections within Concord Patrolled space. Yes, a form of empire jump gameplay to help break down the walls to null for players.

The Destroyers are the scout/long-range fast tackle. And the BC brings the pain. I did want to add the teir 3 battleships to the end of the tree with the ability to light Cynos and focus on escalating the combat due to their value, And they would be Geared towards T2 battleship remote repair cloakers (First covops cloaking battleship). to support the DD and BC’s. As they woudl have virtually no dps maybe also a mod that speeds up the jump relay recharge to 2:30 for all fleeted ships.

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