Black out dynamic

Hello since everyone is going to be using combat scanner probes from the recent Black out would CCP be making a ship that will allow the linking of combat scanner probe information from multiple sources or ships in fleet?

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Wow thats a whole new level of lazy!


No that’s null bear expectation beeing spoiled for years now… :slight_smile:


Yes! I hear the module in question is called



Hmm, i couldnt help but think of BattleTechs Innersphere C3 Computers here

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You mean like putting the combat scanner in any fleet lead position so they can throw people at whatever they scanned?

That sounds complicated.


As far I remember, boting/automation is against rules. Want to grind isk? Go play x3 or ED solo…

I’ll just leave this here:

snip Image removed for inappropriate content. Do not post it again. Snip ~Buldath

… and right into the bot script it would go…

On a side note, I think maybe I’ll spend a few days dropping corvettes around null for people to find.

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Mental image of Cartman’s mom holding the turd toilet for him while he plays World of Warcraft.

Better ?

Maybe leave some shiny in one or two per region.

Make it a Scav hunt.

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CCP should go all out. Make a new set of Capitals and give them the ability to fit special Jump Probe launchers. Jump Probes travel between systems using their own jump drive. They can determine the type of signatures in a system and function well enough to gather intel but can’t pinpoint exact locations, fleet compositions, or anomaly locations. For that they need to rely on old fashioned in-system probing.

Naturally Jump Probes have to be big, expensive, and vulnerable. Unlike normal probes these scans aren’t immediately available. The Jump Probe must finish its scan and return with its data in order for its user to get the details. If you see one on D-Scan you might want to consider killing it or fleeing immediately.

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U know nothing john s… i mean Entereen Valcaltus!!

Interesting !! made me think of Star Wars when that probe lands on planet Hoth

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Now that idea…me likie.

Now I’ve got that noise Probe Droids make stuck in my head lol

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