Black screen after docking

I log on fine and I am in station fine every time. I can undock fine and fly around fine. However, when I try to dock again(anywhere) the screen goes black like normal but never comes back. The sounds continue normally like I have docked. I can log off and back on and I will be docked. When the screen goes black, all I see is the mouse cursor. F10 does nothing. Escape does nothing. The only way I have found to continue is to alr-tab out and manually close the game and log in again. I have verified the integrity of the downloaded files and purged the extras. Friday 9/18/2020 is when this issue first started happening and it happens 100% of the time when docking from space.

Same here. Is there any solution/workaround known already?

FWIW, it seems that resetting graphics settings works.

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