Black screen

ok, i have a ticket open and the gm assigned is trying but im putting this out here to see if anyone has had the problem and see if anyone else is affected.

i started having the problem after the uprising patch where after selecting what character i wanted to play, the screen would go black, id get the cursor but nothing else, sometimes i would see the gui but it would immediatly go black other times id get to play, but when ‘changing scenes’ ie docking id get it going black.

With steering from GM i reinstalled drivers, the game… i decided it was a good excuse to change my hardware so another pc was built.

i5 2500k cpu
p67a-c45 motherboard
24gb ram
radeon hd 7800 series gpu

the only thing apart from windows that is the same between the towers is the graphics driver.

the loglite shows an error before the event of “DX11 device removed, reason: 0x887a0006” and then it just cascades “Failed to D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain”.

anyone have any ideas, ive tried different settings, ive verified, ive reinstalled things… i even went and got a whole different pc(uses the same graphics driver pack though)!

am i going to have to get a graphics card that uses a different pack?

I get a black screen that last from 30 seconds to a minute on every client, every time I start the game, I was told to update graphics drivers which worked for a bit but now has reverted back, in fact the performance of the game is a bit crap even with one client open, just undock in Jita and it take a good 40 seconds before I can do anything.

So you’ve updated the graphics driver?

Have you turned DX12 off?

Have you downloaded full client?

Have you looked through the launcher logs? I know I didn’t but the GM may find that helpful (as long as there is no personally identifiable info in it

i have updated the graphic drivers,
dx12 is turned off(i cant actually enable it)
i have downloaded full client

launcher logs, you mean loglite? which i mentioned the errors prior to it happening and what happenms when it happens. the removed dx11 error just cascades, think i sent them one that had 300000 errors in it :smiley:

the black screen doesnt go away, which when you live in a null sec warzone flying 2bil ships… isnt very good for my wallet:(

same, after full reinstall it works again

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