Black screen

Google sshows this is a common problem. I installed a new video card finally. I’ve tried everything I can read, and nothing. Clear cache, disable anti asiling, verify cache, etc etc. Same thing every time. I go to login, and when the character screen is suppose to show up, it’s black screen. No circle at bottom left. Just black screen.

Update. I was able to log in. It lasted for about 3 seconds
Then the whole computer screen went black like monitor wasn’t even on. Had to hard reboot. Back to black screen.

How is it, I was at least playing eve for 1 hour before I crashed, upgraded my computer, now it crashes within 60 seconds of me logging in. Upgrade computer…worse performance.

Does eve not run on a GTX 1050? Do i need to buy a 1080 for $800?

There was an issue apparently with a windows 10 update. You may want to reinstall drivers.

But I literally just installed the drivers.

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