Black Unicorn Mining - Mining Mercenaries

Black Unicorn Mining are (as well as being your “normal” mining corp) a form of “Mining Mercenaries” who are more willing to assist fleets in need of that extra bit of manpower during their mining expeditions.

At the time of this post we are a young corp and are still very much in our infancy. We are looking to recruit miners of all levels and experience to assist us with our ambitions.

We are currently operating mainly in high-sec with regular visits to low-sec and adventures in to wormholes. We own an Athanor complete with refinery and moon drill and have a fully utilised corp hanger system at our HQ.

Do you wish to be part of a mining corp with more than just an ambition of getting rich? Do you enjoy the peace and tranquillity of mining belts? Maybe you’re someone who likes to take risks and huff away on gas sites deep inside a wormhole…

No matter your experience, if you love mining and harvesting as much as we do, we want you to come and join us and be a part of the foundations at this early stage of our corporation’s existence.

Extra Info: I am a returning player (started back in 2007) with a great deal of experience with mining and PVE in general. I am sporting a fairly young character with 300,000+ SP to her name.

If you have any questions you can contact me in game or pop up in our public channel called “Black Unicorn Mining”.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Fly safe o/

You might mention what your ‘mining mercenary’ services are, what you expect to receive in exchange for those services, and what your general area of operations is. Any or all of this could help you find the right people to provide your services and find people who would be in need of those same services.

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Our Services:

1 - Fleet Assistance
2 - Resource Fetching
3 - Belt Wiping
4 - Logistics and Hauling
5 - Low-Sec, Null-Sec and Wormholes

Let us start with “Fleet Assistance”. This is where we present you the assistance of X amount of barges, exhumers and/or Orcas in order to help your fleet gather resources quicker. Prices are based on an hourly rate -upfront- of 5mill per Barge, 7.5mil per Exhumer and 10mil per Orca.

The next one is “Resource Fetching”. Let’s say that you will want a certain mineral (e.g. Kernite, Veldspar, Hedbergite or Ice) for industry purposes. Here we take 2 weeks of solid mining and harvesting of the resource you’re after for just 90% of the Jita Price.

The “Belt Wiping” is more of a tactical service. Maybe you’ve seen people coming in to a region of space that you own and you want a belt wiped to erase the level of interest in the said system. We will come and clear the belts for the price of 20mill per belt regardless of the grade of minable resource(s).

“Logistics and Hauling” is as it says on the tin. We don’t care about the journey length. What we will do is transport your goods at the rate of 500,000 per jump. We will pay a collateral damage fee of which will be reinbursed on top of our jump fees. This kind of service is at the acceptance of our Haulers.

Anything regarding Low, Null and WH territory is purely on a discression level as we like to ideally operate in the region of High-Sec. Prices vary (yet very fairly) and you’ll be able to select your worker from the group chat which will discuss your objectives.

Any questions that aren’t clear or aren’t answered here can be asked in our public channel by searching for ‘Black Unicorn Mining’.

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