Blackhogs. Mercenary Alliance

Mercenary Alliance

*Highly Mobile Focused Aggression
*Structure Deletion
*Protection Services
*Consultation Services
*Conflict Mediation and Resolution Services

Alliance CEO - Ailiece Ardua

Co-Director - Julius Maagnus

For Contract Inquiries - BLACKHOGS or Mercenary Services

-Diplomatic Communications and
-Player or Corporation recruitment Inquiries may be received by:
Ailiece Ardua or Julius Maagnus


friendly bump for my man julius

Blue donut 2.0 lol.


not really, because unlike your blue donut we will fight eachother and stay friends after, funny concept amirite

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Let’s move this up to where it’s supposed to be

yea we bash structure

we are here for all your Highsec and Lowsec needs

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Blackhogs your rulers of Dodixie and your Mercs for all your highsec and lowsec needs.

Blackhogs, working hard for all your highsec and lowsec needs.