Raumkartoffel the Space Potatoes of EVE.

We are for hire and accepting select contracts for -

Station Removal
System Interdiction
System Overview Clean-up
General Nuisance
General Attack for Vindictive Reasons due to being a disgruntled employee.

Contact for more information and payment options -
Epic Duschebeg
Chestnut Yanumano

Fly Safe(ish)

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friendly bump for good group of guys

Blue donut 2.0

friendly bump, keep it up guys





I’m guessing anthrobeau doesn’t try to hire you guys anymore right?

I would and will maybe in the future…

Hire these guys as they know how to get the job done.

They sure do…

https://zkillboard.com/kill/71200687/ :wink:

At least they don’t need a botter to buy them their ships or fund all their wars and fake contracts.

Thanks guys…I wanna be a little egotistical atm…our last real conflict put us against pirate/hole control/(they hired an 80 man horde fleet) to try to stop 12 guys…we still killed a structure…so pay pirat if you want generic blue donut…pay raum if you want critical thinking and properly strategized defense…we dont need 100 ships to cover 99.9% of the time.

I could cherry pick anyone out there…but in the interest of fairness…lets just link the alliance killboard in general and let others make up their own mind…fly safe my brave bud…I’ll see you round I’m sure.

Can I hire you to remove some asteroid fields in my system?
“Mercs” huh?
You just made my day!!!

Learn to protect your own Orcas first.


As discussed in another thread, I can’t quite understand why you think having friends is a bad thing. “Blue donuts” as you put it, allow for the elimination of such things as TZ tanking. We take protection contracts seriously enough that we will call up favours and ask for help from our friends when we need it.

The timer was outside our active TZ so our friends and allies agreed to help out - no isk changed hands. The client knew the risk with the timers he had set. You managed to destroy one structure and that was before Horde arrived after which you lost ships that cost more than twice the structure that you destroyed.

Please, if you want to consider this a victory, then fine go ahead but I think most will consider you deluded.

Get a new tune, this one is getting very boring very quickly.

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Whine whine whine sad little cabbage has a botter support him now

with all that botting money you should hire a writer, maybe then your forum posts wont be so boring and the most basic form of damage control

I don’t like the cheating P I R A T, but those Orca losses are freaking funny. Got’s to give you that.

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