R I O T Merc. Alliance

For a limited time only, if your structure is being hit by RIOT, let Blackflag know, we want to eliminate all content for this alliance.

Also, if your a client of RIOT, this is your notice, your assets are not safe and I will start looking for them and taking them down. Either stop paying for a crappy alliance protection ( RIOT) and pay us, or loose everything, choice is yours.

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Another reason to hire BLACKFLAG

Structure saved.

Look ma I’m on the forums!


The new Voice of BlackFLag? lol

Whatever it takes to show how :poop: RIOT is, especially Azazul .

Ahahah…But who are you? None … you have a handful of kills, you have never built anything … you play safely with BF … and you talk about us?
Too easy to play BF and throw s**** around … too easy.
You are a tick attached to a strong group, nothing more.
You are forced to do these brainless posts to get some visibility … and believe glory …
First look for a harder way, create something good and yours, and then you can talk.

Is that why you guys always run away when 1 bf shows up? I might be nothing, but having 3 kills on y’all and forcing you guys off structures and forcing you guys to have 2 extra alliances to take down 1 refinery because y’all to afraid to fight. You pushed Wer4 around and we took it, now i am returning the favor. Be seeing you soon.

Seems RIOT just makes enemies wherever they go. Could it be because they’re untrustworthy?