We are R I O T!

We are a High-Sec War Decking Alliance

Are you being Bullied?
Is somebody Kicking in your Sand Castle?

Do we care NOT REALLY. Unless you want us to CARE. But that will come at a cost.

:skull_and_crossbones:** We are R I O T** :skull_and_crossbones:

We don’t hide behind fancy ads and Multi RL ISK Websites. We have no clue on how to advertise properly, and don’t even want to.

But what we do care about is ISK. And we are willing to support you for a reasonable price.

Our Killboard is our Business Card

We are not a full-blown MERC Alliance. We give no guarantee that we will wardeck your target. After a small chat we will inform you if we accept the target. Then name the price for the wardeck.

What we do promise:
Is that IF we do accept your proposal the results will be there.

Join RIOT pubchan for more info, or contact us in game.




Reserved table for 2 please. My +1 is @Mobadder_Thworst 's pod goo do you have a suitable chair for me to place a 130L container on?

Table, container, a big cigar and an old rum awaiting…


I hired RIOT for a job that i expected to take several weeks.
They did it in 2 days and went above and beyond my expectations.
Nice job guys.
10/10 would hire again.


Skilled and active mercenary alliance we often work together with.

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This group is a complete waste of time, we asked for a simple hi sec station defense, this should be an easy way to grab a pay check, instead, they dec our allies… these Mellon heads clearly can’t sort out the basics…AVOID USING THIS ALLIANCE where it seems you pay them to dec you…fckg amateurs!


U pay us? No! U post too fast dear Little Pony, and now we wait the war report.
Have fun.

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Confirmed, these kids are beginners in the merc game, probably still learning how to undock and such, Azazul had the idea that we should surrender to avoid his “mistake”…and well, we are not going to show a surrender report making it look like we actually surrendered to this twit… Instead, we offered to accept a surrender from them (again, I expect this twit has troubles sorting out simple tasks) and well, I guess he got his e-peen in a twist and his e-pride hurt so he said no (prolly can’t find the button).


Oh, PS: we have opened this war for allies, app your corp in, app yourself in, or just ask to help… pew pew pew

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I guess the “no clue” is the give away for this bunch…said it right in the opening statement…

popcorn :heavy_check_mark:
comfy blanket :heavy_check_mark:
internet e-peen :heavy_check_mark: