Blackout compromise - making dscan show red/neutral/blue

I suggest making dscan show red/neutral/blue on the items it displays as a compromise for the loss of local chat intel due to the blackout.

This may prevent a complete drying up of targets due to people no longer wanting to undock in nullsec, if that becomes an issue.

Dude, there isn’t going to be any compromise. The fact that some, perhaps even many, hate it is proof of concept for CCP.

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I like that. For instance, introduce some kind of ‘friend or foe’ system. If somebody clicks d-scan and on ally/corp level the pilot has some special code entered already in a system (like password for jump bridge) he/she is not showed in the d-scan results. If the code was old/wrong/not set up he/she will be shown in the result of d-scan with different color (red - not set up; yellow - the code is old; etc.)

… what drying up of targets.

Or or, hear me out on this…

Name your ships something you guys would know? Bam shows in dscan if its friendly or not.

Even if exposing player standings for d-scan was desirable from game design perspective, CCP would most likely not do it, because of the server load added to each d-scan, caused by looking up each hit and applying your standings to them.

Game designers like it when players are 50/50 that any feature is too good or too bad. They know something is wrong with their design when 90+ percent of players agree on something.

You can’t fix pixel fear with code.

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About over 90% of the players you are exaggerating. Yes, most of them are happy with the update, but there are less than 55% of them. In fact, opinions were divided around 50/50. As a recent survey showed.

I was writing ‘in general’ about game design theory, not putting any numbers on player opinion of the “blackout.”

I’m sorry. I misunderstood.

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Not standings, but corp, alliance and fleet yeah. I’d even be happy with local showing the same.

But no standings.

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