Blackout/Localized PvE site effects idea

For me personally the blackout was great and npw its gone I feel as soon as I jump into a system everyone runs off, but what if local was infact a product of residents structures? Both in player/npc null as well as lowsec?

  • Structures as small deployables, multiple (max number?) can be used per system to provide local (low hp/probe/kill)

  • New NPC sites with differing levels of protection and the above mentioned structure belonging to NPCs

  • A lower & rebalance of site payouts

  • Additional sites with varying localized/site effects, sometimes randomized inc. Wh/incursion like effects, local blackout, dscan blackout/hidden

  • PvE Sites use modular spawn designs with various factors into account (jumps per hour, npcs killed in 24hours, militia/faction holders)

  • Rats to base reactions upon standings

  • Add player created NPC protected sites (higher index’s=tougher rats available for hire, hireable rats again based on standings) creating a completely new dynamic for the game, leading to player hired agents!

Please no flame, I dont personally PvE because I find it boring but the abive implimentation would give me (and many others) a huge reason to

What would you like to see?

see the Main AFK Cloaking Thread for reason why not.

AFK cloaking or what people are really worried about “people who pretend to be afk while cloaked so that you become comfortable enough to carry on ratting in your blinged out pve ship” is not really relevant here . The above has a lot of room for balance, discussion and choices, a site with a sitewide local blackout is easily not ran by players who are too scared to take any risks

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