Blaster Daredevils

How do people fly these? Do you just keep at range 0, scram web and pray your hulltank+750 dps can chew through the enemy?

keep at range 1500 is better, otherwise you might bump or slip under and screw your tracking. Everything elset is spot on.

Also, once you engage, one of you will die. Never ever disengaged. This is a kind of necessary honor and bravery.

Also be sure to view close enough to hear the beautiful song of blasters chewing through ship’s hull and crews ; it is a reward that pays for your isks regardless of the outcome.


Orbiting can also work if you can afford to give up some dps to avoid getting tracked by bigger guns.

its also a necessity because by the time you realize you should disengage you’re not getting away your only chance is to prey you’re wrong and that he dies first


can confirm, i was there™

Any nuet will wreck your day!

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