Daredevil Rail or Blaster?

o7 all,

As metioned in the title i had a question concering the daredevil.

What is better to use rail guns and stat at web range or use blasters to go in close and kill before killed?

Intention is to use against frigs or destroyers.

As a bonus question: is it viable to use polarized blasters?

Wonder what you guys think about it.

Blasters are my go to for a Daredevil…I even have a polarized fit too which goes more for Sig tank and speed. You have to pick targets very carefully with polarized fits though…you will need to kill them very very fast and pray to go you don’t get scram webbed or you’re done. My fit must be manually piloted and basically does strafe runs as even if scrammed it can coast out of scram range while tackled as it does something like 4km/s. Traditionally its an active rep blaster boat though.

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Up to you. You can use both just not at once and you have to fly both types very different.

You sir need to write in-verse accounts more often, very good writing style.

Blasters, I don’t have too much experience with daredevils, but they lend themselves to using blasters. The web bonus is particularly effective with this, since it allows you to hold your target in range most of the time, so make use of that web. Rails could work, but if you want to use them effectively your web bonus which is an extremely effective bonus of the ship is mostly wasted.

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Depends on what you’re fighting and what you’re more comfortable flying. For me i use rails and kite at web range but i also fly a scram kite kestrel allot.

Personally i feel the blaster set up gives you a larger engagement profile if you want to go after things bigger than other frigates. Frig to frig it’s about the sane either way

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